Hood winked

Carolina Journal is in rare form today. First they lead with a story that feeds their homophobic agenda about a gay teacher being investigated for contaminating young minds. Heaven forbid kids in schools should understand anything about homosexuality.

And then this gem from Mr. Hood, whining about "theocratic tyrants." Of course, he's all in favor of our own White House Tyrant in Chief . . . it's just those brown people in the Middle East he has a problem with.

The biggest outrage of all is theocratic tyrants with much innocent blood on their hands lecturing the Danes about anything.

I swear, CJ is looking more like The Onion everyday. Except instead of parodying the outside world, it's becoming a parody of itself.



I would assume that John Hood would also have a problem with the fundamentalists in his own party but is not in a position to talk about it given budgetary concerns.

Obviously both types of fundamentalists are causing problems, which makes it difficult to see past the murdering fundamentalists of islamic faith to try to address the moderate Islamic and Arab people. That being said, the cartoon did not help, since it gave a visible rallying cry to the fundamentalists.

One interesting note is that bombings of abortion clinics by people in the U.S. seems to have tapered off recently. If it were the early 90's, when there were numerous abortion clinic bombings, the claim becomes even less credible. Of course, it has been said that the Republican Party relies on Adult ADD.