Hood the Contortionist

It's a slow news day. More lying from the Bush White House about who knew what and when. More stupidity and deception from Dick Cheney. More cover up. More corruption. Just business as usual by I-hate-government Republicans.

So it's flat out funny as shit to watch John Hood grimace and grunt as he tries to call Bush to account for his abject failure in all things fiscal. If he keeps this up, he could get a job as a contortionists in Cirque de Soleil. In any case, here's Hood's humor of the day. He can't bring himself to criticize dear leader without taking gratuitous potshots at Al Gore, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

I know I've promised to be nice to John and stop calling him an arrogant assh*le. So I'll simply say this: Thanks for the laugh, John. You really are a piece of work.


Flip-Floppin' Robin

Allow me to apologize or being out ouf context, but...

I thought some of you may enjoy my tribute to Rep. Robin Hayes that I posted today on my blog. You can either click above or copy and paste this...


Tweet, Tweet, Tweet.

He's Right (By and Large)

I strongly disagree with this statement: "Like Jimmy Carter before him, Bill Clinton has been a worse ex-president than president" (more for Jimmy's sake than Bill's).

But the point about getting a better quality of deliberation out of Washington when there are two parties playing the game is a good one. The fact that the Republican Congress has been willing to go for a ride with the Administration has made a bad presidency worse. (Hood stays away from the executive power problem, but the argument is the same.)

But it's also worth noting that Big Important Changes can only be accomplished by a government with some consensus about vision. Healthcare, for example, needs big help. A president with some good ideas and a willingness to experiment could do so much more with a willing Congress. And right now, the Republicans' turn is up. The Dems have some work to do before I buy a cheerleader's outfit (*shudder*), but they're so much closer to the right track than the Republicans that I... well, that I'm willing to work on a website like this.