Hold Sen. Hagan and Dirty Air Democrats accountable

First off, I’m not letting Senator Burr off the hook here, but lets face it Burr is an ideologue and his unwavering support of the polluter lobby is a forgone conclusion.

But it’s disappointing to see Senator Hagan siding with the polluter lobby to weaken the Clean Air Act and the EPA’s ability through it to limit carbon pollution.

Earlier today CREDO Action emailed their North Carolina members and already over 1700 people in North Carolina have signed the petition. Additionally 63 people called Hagan's office to voice their complaints. Can you help get that number to 100 people?

From CREDO’s email:

Every one of the 47 Senate Republicans joined the 17 Dirty Air Democrats in voting on at least one amendment to roll back the Clean Air Act. Had those votes not been split across four dirty amendments, and mostly along party lines, these 64 pro-polluter Senators could create a filibuster proof majority to gut the Clean Air Act.

… But by casting a vote against clean air, Sen. Hagan empowered future efforts to weaken the Clean Air Act, and put the environment at risk. No doubt Republicans will be emboldened by the strong showing of Democrats voting against the Clean Air Act — and they will come back with more attacks aimed at combining Republican and Democratic votes to successfully pass a bill to delay or completely defund EPA enforcement of the Clean Air Act.

Call Sen. Hagan now. Click here for an easy script and number to call.

It is up to us to keep our representatives accountable. Thanks for your help!