Hickory paper hearts Carsner over McDweeb

Unlike in its neighboring 11th district, not every paper in the 10th is bowing to the Republican party line. Today the Hickory Daily Record gave the love to their home boy, Congressional Candidate Richard Carsner over wannabe slimeball-in-chief Patrick McHenry (R-10).

Richard Carsner, a Democrat who is McHenry’s opponent for the U.S. House, said the hearing Tuesday was political grandstanding. He questions McHenry’s efforts to address the meth epidemic.

“If he wants to promote himself as dedicated to ending production of (meth), why did he vote to cut in half the federal funding for local law enforcement?” Carsner said in a news release. “His approach is shortsighted and irresponsible.”

McHenry had hoped to make some political hay out of yesterday's event, supposedly the first "field" Congressional hearing, which Carsner has referred to as "pseudo" and political grandstanding. McHenry's so sure the 10th district hearts him best, according to the Charlotte Observer he's planning to spend his free time prancing around the country campaigning for other Congressman.

But the Hickory article barely mentioned the McDoofus, just stated briefly that he had invited the panel that gathered in Lenoir yesterday to address the region's meth epidemic. The article focused on the personal story of a Rutherford County woman, Lynne Vasquez, whose son, Chad, "lost 80 pounds, his kids and his freedom" due to a methamphetamine addiction. The piece ended with this:

Vasquez wants help. She doesn’t care if it’s from Democrats or Republicans.

“It’s hard to watch your son die. That’s what I did,” she said.

So, thanks to Kim Gilliland, who unlike Tim Funk of the Observer, actually knew Carsner's name and printed it. And also thanks to her for understanding the importance of the story, and minimizing the political hay McHenry had hoped to gain on the backs of the disenfranchised and desperate, a group of people the twerp already has an extensive record of ignoring.


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