Here we go again: Bo Hines plans to challenge Virginia Foxx

Another Madison Cawthorn but without the wheelchair:

Hines said football has helped prepare him for a possible future in Congress. Hines describes himself as a traditional pro-life, pro-Second Amendment conservative but said he has some differences with Foxx he plans to hammer.

"My constituents are worried about tech censorship," Hines said. "That's something I don't think Congresswoman Foxx has hit on much. ... We have a very America First agenda. We’re going to press that hard. I think the American people understand capitalism is the best way to grow the economy ... but also want fair trade."

I will leave that football comment alone so close after the Tom Brady Bowl, other than to say: It also prepared Gerald Ford for Congress, but apparently not for stair-climbing or snow-skiing. That "tech censorship" thing is either a whine about Trump being booted from Twitter, or Bo's buddies being forced to go to Parler for racist insurrectionist talk. Not home-schooled like Cawthorn, but he did graduate from a Christian high school. *sigh*



Bo Whines on Twitter

Bo's Twitter account is interesting. He highlights an interview with the Carolina Journal recently - I wonder if his candidacy might have some Art Pope money being thrown at it.

He pointed out that he was on Parler on May 28, 2020, so the leaked download of Parler data might have some interesting posts on it, since he's speaking more directly to the extremist elements that were on that platform.

Overall, it looks like his candidacy has been planned for a few months, with his feed hitting all the hard right triggers - tyranny of COVID restrictions, vague COVID denialism, outrage about "big tech" censorship of the right-wing, retweeting conspiracy theories about the BLM protests, and painting anyone to the left of Trump as a Marxist.

Bo is basically one small step away from Jewish Space Lasers.