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The GOP wants our redistricting lawsuit dismissed…thrown out!  And, after the shenanigans they pulled in the dead of night last night our cause is even more important than ever.
On January 12th, a three-judge panel in Wake County will hear a motion -- supported by the Republican leadership in the General Assembly -- to dismiss the litigation challenging the GOP gerrymandered legislative and congressional districts in North Carolina.
Help us fight this attempt to keep us from having our day in court.

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There is no question that we have the law on our side and have the evidence to show that these illegally drawn maps are not in the best interest of the people of North Carolina.
We need your help now to have the resources to be heard in court!  Our fight requires retaining the best legal counsel and expert witnesses to show how the Republican maps do not comply with the law.  
The GOP has illegally ignored the “whole county provision” of the State Constitution – a provision that they championed after the 2001 redistricting!  The North Carolina Supreme Court held that the State Constitution requires maps to split the fewest number of counties possible.

The GOP map for state senate districts splits 19 counties.  The Democratic alternative that was rejected by the GOP splits 14 counties.
The GOP map for state house districts splits 49 counties.  The Democratic alternative that was rejected by the GOP splits 44 counties.

The GOP map for congressional districts splits 40 counties.  The Democratic alternative that was rejected by the GOP splits 26 counties.

In the legislative maps, more than two million people have been placed into split precincts…five times the number of people in past redistricting efforts.  Elections experts throughout the state have said that this will lead to widespread voter confusion and increased costs.
Just as egregiously, the GOP has unlawfully packed African-Americans into districts in violation of the Voting Rights Act.  As an example, nearly one-half of all African-Americans have been packed into three of North Carolina’s 13 congressional districts.
These illegal maps cannot stand.  North Carolina has a history of making all the “best of” lists.  Best place to live…best place to learn…best place for businesses to thrive.  The progress that has been made in North Carolina…in public education…in our community colleges and universities…in building a state that leads rather than follows…is all at risk.
As on so many issues, the GOP has simply over-reached – and they’ve broken both state and federal law.  Tell the GOP that the Constitution and law still matter here in North Carolina.
Simply put, we need your help.  Carrying this fight to the courts is an expensive proposition, but critical for the future of our state.  Please give whatever you can today.  We can win this battle for the people of North Carolina with your help.
Go to to give today. Thank you in advance for your help.
Martin Nesbitt                             Joe Hackney
Senate Democratic Leader                      House Democratic Leader

Josh Stein                                 Grier Martin
Senate Democratic Whip                        House Democratic Redistricting Co-Chair
P.S. The News & Observer could not have said it better…
“Their [the GOP] strategy boiled down to this: Since African-Americans tend to vote Democratic, cluster as many of them as possible into a certain few districts. With those districts thrown to the Democratic wolves, Republican candidates would be sitting pretty, or at least prettier, everywhere else…Counties were chopped into districts that made sense only to legislative bosses who wanted to isolate Democrats, particularly black Democrats, in their own enclaves. Even precincts got the chopped-liver treatment. Communities and neighborhoods were split in a way sure to mystify voters and candidates as well.” - News & Observer Editorial (1/3/2012)
The January 12th court date when the GOP bosses will try to have our case dismissed is right around the corner.  Please give today so that we’ll have the resources to fight the GOP redistricting maps in court!

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The Democracy Project II (TDP) is a 501(c)(4) organization whose purpose is to assist in the creation of legal electoral districting maps required to be drawn as a result of the 2010 census.  TDP can receive funds from individuals, businesses/corporations, labor unions, and foundations. Contributors to a 501(c)(4) are not required to be publicly disclosed. Contributions to TDP are not tax deductible.


Not exactly

The 12th was a Republican idea, adopted by Democrats after the DOJ rejected the Democratic plan with only the 1st District as majority minority district.

The 1991 North Carolina General Assembly originally enacted a congressional plan with one minority district, the 1st,  in the northeastern part of the State where demographics make a compact Black district easier to draw, especially if joined with the Black precincts of nearby Durham. That plan was disapproved by the U.S. Justice Department under the Voting Rights Act because of alleged lack of minority representation. (North Carolina's Black population amounts to 22 percent  of the total population. One district is only 8 percent of 12 districts. Two of 12 is 16 percent.) The General Assembly, then controlled by Democrats, responded in early 1992 by enacting the famous 12th. Republican legislators had proposed several plans that contained two minority districts; in drawing the 12th, the Democratic leaders simply picked one of those plans and retooled it to be friendlier to Democrats.

So the gerry mandering is court ordered...

so where is the beef? The Republicans are trying to comply with court orders but with a layout that favors them. Isn't that just what the Democrats have done? Cry me a river but now the shoe is on the other foot.

Some people

Some people object to political sleaze and corruption, regardless of the partisan source. BlueNC has been among the leaders in challenging North Carolina Democrats for improper behaviors for six years now.

Other people turn a blind eye to sleaze and corruption because they believe turnabout is fair play. I put these folks into the IOKIYAR camp, and, just to say it, I have zero tolerance for such hypocrisy.

At least now I get where you stand, Frank. But what I don't get is how you can live with yourself.

Nobody likes political wheelings and dealings...

but that's how the real world works. Tinkerbell in Never Never Land is the ideal but never works in the real world. This is the system we have and yes, turnabout is fair play.

Like I said

It's hard to understand how you can live with yourself.

No, you blithering idiot. It was the 1st Bush Justice Dept

that disapproved the districts.

The previous commenter clearly stated that the Dept of Justice disapproved the districts. At the time, George H.W. Bush was the federal President.


All bun, no burger.

Confronted with your erroneous statement you just ignore it?

Republicans are gerrymandering a third minority district, which is not necessary to comply with the Voting Rights Act, while diluting remaining districts, and further gerrymandering them with contorted boundaries and an inordinate number of split precincts.

Thanks for the info about

Thanks for the info about PayPal. We tried ActBlue, but they can not work with 501(c)(4)s. We'll look at the other online payment options you suggested.


Much appreciated.


Feel free to post the mailing address here. I'm ready to write a check!

Contributions for the

Contributions for the redistricting litigation effort may be mailed to:

The Democracy Project
434 Fayetteville Street
Suite 2020
Raleigh, NC 27601


Another payment option

Another online payment option for fundraising campaigns is Piryx. It's very easy to set up.

Contribution made

Piryx seems like a great and effective option.

Thank you for taking the time to partner with an enlightened alternative.

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