Heath Shuler is out again

Rep. Heath Shuler is NOT running for senate:

"I am not running for Senate," the second-term Democrat said after a ground-breaking ceremony for a new building at the Bent Creek Experimental Forest Station in Asheville. "I am not running for Senate. I am not running for Senate. I have said that a thousand times, and I don't know why they keep coming up (with the idea). Of course they keep coming up and running polls."

So why would people think that Shuler was running again after he repeated a thousand times that he's not running against Burr?

Wayul...that might be because David Young, NCDP chair, decided to float his name again apparently without checking with Heath first.

On Friday. North Carolina Democratic Party Chairman David Young told an Asheville radio station that Shuler is again considering a Senate run.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee members “are talking to him very seriously,” Young told WPEK 880-AM. “I believe congressman Shuler is considering it again.”

Young told the Times-News Tuesday that he had not spoken directly with Shuler, but believes it would be positive for Western North Carolina if Shuler ran against Burr.

“I think he would be a fantastic candidate,” said Young, a former Buncombe County commissioner.

Note to David...try to check with the floatee first before you put their name out there. See, this just gave the Republicans and press one more chance to reiterate their Dems-can't-find-a-top-tier-candidate meme.

Glad this is settled.


David Young and the DSCC

Tried to convice Heath to run after Roy Cooper declined, now that Heath is out again, we will see McIntyre, and Etheride and so on before they get the one they want.

David Young denies this.

Or rather, I believe he would argue that he is encouraging a number of people to run. He would deny that he or the NCDP are going to play favorites in the primary.

I'm not saying it's true or not true, I'm just repeating what he told me. He made a point to tell me that he supports all those currently exploring a Senate run.

she has a right to call it how she sees it

Your comment is a bit much, don't you think? No need to turn the thread into a flame war. Betsy easily does 3/4 of the work here, a lot of it just to keep the site up, not even to mention her actual blogging.

We all have every right to call it how we see it, and doing so shouldn't lead people to immediately assume an illicit agenda. Most of us are pretty candid about what we believe.

Try to keep comments productive, and I'll take the log out of mine own eye as well.

she can call it as she sees it...

...if she is correct about the facts. When I read her post, I thought Young had made additional comments this past Friday because she said "again" and quoted an article that placed his comments "on Friday" without telling us it was not this past Friday and that these were, in fact, the same comments that were the subject of an extensive thread last week.

Also, if Shuler has said "a thousand times no" it was not in public until he said it...when? I don't know, Betsy wasn't clear about that either in her post. Once again, David was asked about his candidacy at a time when he had not clarified his intentions.

Betsy does a lot of work here, fine and well, but because of that she needs to be more careful with her facts and she was not in this case. Whether it was because of sloppiness or a hidden agenda, I can't say.

While I might be unclear with my wording

to those who are immediately prone to misread. I meant "again" as in, "again, after Shuler initially declined back in March" not "again, a second time." You see, Shuler's name was first floated back in November (or thereabouts) and he announced in March he wouldn't run. So, when Young floated Shuler's name in May...he was floating Shuler's name, "again."

The fact - as far as we know - is, Young didn't check with Shuler when he floated his name in May. If he does that once, it is sloppy and unprofessional. Had he done it twice I would probably have had much worse to say about him in my above post.

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Excuse Me!!

I have never known Betsy to do sloppy reporting.


You really should make clear...

...that Young's comments are over 2 weeks old, the tone of your post makes it sound like it was more recent. And those 5/27 remarks were hashed over ad nauseum is an earlier post.

Not very fair of you.

Chill Paul

Facts are facts. When Heath reiterated that he was not interested it made Young's remarks news again.

Also, in the earlier post the attention wasn't on the fact that Young's comment was not accurate simply that he was singling out one possible candidate prior to a primary. Not appropriate for party chair if (and I stress if) there are multiple candidates in the mix.

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Unfair again

Young clarified 10 days ago what he meant and you made it sound as if he made the statements again, not once two weeks ago.

So don't tell me to "chill" when you are not being 100% upfront with your information.

I was being 100% upfront

You just misread. Shuler's name was floated in November/late fallish by Shuler and then AGAIN in May by Young. There ya go.

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Give me a break.

You expect me to be a mind reader? If that is what you meant, why didn't you post that explanation?

It appears to me that all your backtracking is just a way to worm out of the fact that you are trying to bash David Young for whatever your reasons may be.

No....I linked to it because I wasn't hiding anything

I've been doing this for almost five years. I'm not going to start pulling crap like that. You read something into a sentence I wrote and refuse to believe me or the people who know me better than you obviously do when we tell you that you misread it. That's your problem. Not mine.

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Betsy and I have butted heads a few times and although I try to be respectful of her, she and I are not on the same page politicly. And Paul and I go way back and we have argued the direction of the party for many years, Hey Paul good to hear from you how the weather down in Efland. The fact of the matter is Betsy and Paul probably agree on most issues, but seemed to have come to a misunderstanding.

David Young has a job to have the a heavy hitter run for the Senate, if he fails to this then history may not judge his job kindly. Right now Mr, Young does not have a problem with playing favorites in a primary becasue there are no one with a snow balls chance of winning is in the race. In 2008 Kay Hagan said she would not run but then changed here mind, perhaps Mr Young was hoping Heath Shuler would do the same. It is my understanding that most on this blog is very high on Calvin Cunningham but right now he is not in the race and is not considered a top flight candidate, now if other candidates drop off the list, such as McIntyre and Etheridge and others all say no. Then perhaps Cunnigham will get his turn. But in the neantime the party and DSCC wants to have someone with the affliation "Democrat" next to his name who is considered winnable to enter this race and until then the party folks are goiing to keep this up.

a heavy hitter

I think you've summed up the idea that a lot of people take exception to: that the NCDP and DSCC should decide who the candidate is.

I agree that David Young is responsible for winning the seat. To do that the NCDP should remain neutral in the primary.

Don't get me wrong, shot-callers in DC and Raleigh probably will actually decide who the candidate is. Is that how we would like for our candidate to be selected?

I also think the DSCC and the media need to educate themselves

on what a heavy hitter is. I don't think Heath or Mike are heavy hitters. Cooper was a heavy hitter. I don't think district reps can be considered heavy hitters even with nice war chests. They just are known well enough statewide.

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There has to be a primary for them to be neutral

And I mean a real primary not a group of low funded candidates running against a sitting US Congressman. As of now there are no candidates who are considered vialable in the the race. If you want David Young to be neutral then have someone who has the nomey to compete run for the office against whomever he is able to run, but right now neither you now David Young has anyone so there is no primary to worry about.

Yes and no

When candidates are mulling in public, they(party officials) should still be neutral or equally supportive of all....but technically, you're right. Too many people float their names for short periods just to gauge reaction to hold party officials too strictly to that. It's hard when the name floating starts over a year prior to actually filing for office.

I know it is hard when a reporter asks about a specific person, but party officials probably need a standard response and that's not just David, but county/district officials as well. You know, something along the lines of - "the NCDP/County party looks forward to fully supporting our eventual nominee. We are lucky to have a large number of excellent candidates considering the job and include _________ in that number." Yeah...I know...easier said than done.

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Elaine Marshall

has expressed interest in possibly seeking the seat. There was an article in the Dunn Daily Record today.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Saw that and was planning to post something in the morning

I love Elaine and would certainly support her if she's chosen as the nominee, but strategically I don't know. Will have to look at the race a bit more. I know I would have a difficult time supporting McIntyre if he runs, but the others suggested I'm open to.

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I can't see Bob Ethridge

I can't see Bob Ethridge running given his recent appointment to Ways and Means. He's got more power and influence than ever. I'd like to learn more about Cunningham's positions and see him get a little more seasoned first.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

I like Bob Etheridge more now than in the past

I agree with you that he would serve us better in the House at this point, but I do like him. I especially appreciate his emphasis on education.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.