Heath Shuler and voters in District 11

I was completely caught up in the moment on Tuesday, March 23, when President Obama signed the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” and later when he thanked a larger crowd who had worked to make it happen. I was struck by the real joy reflected on many tired faces, the child-like exuberance in the room – feelings that only occur after a long struggle and when success is at hand.

Though I felt a part of the celebrations as a citizen of the United States, I was deeply saddened that Western North Carolina did not have their official representative present. Now I know some are happy about that, but I am not. I felt wiped out as Heath Shuler continued to cast “No” votes against health reform.

In my opinion, Heath Shuler cruelly voted against the children of Western North Carolina when he voted against: HR 2749 (Food Safety Regulation Amendments); HR 1256 (FDA Oversight of Tobacco Products); HR 1 (“The Stimulus Bill”); HR 1931 (Hate Crimes Expansion); HR 3162 (SCHIP-State Children’s Health Insurance Program); HR 7081 ( United States-India Nuclear Agreement); HR 4872 (Health Care Reconciliation Act); HR3590 (Health Care Insurance Law Amendments). There were other “No” votes that touched the lives of children, but these are the most egregious in my mind.

It seems strange that Representative Shuler touted his budget requests for WNC this week in the March 24 Asheville Citizen. I would think that some of those projects are part of the stimulus dollars that he voted against. And, he voted against the 2009-2010 Appropriations Bill (HR 3288). So his request for $65 million dollars for the next budget cycle does not compute in my mind.

A vote is a very precious thing. As I have aged I have been unwilling to cast my vote for anyone who does not uphold the basic ideals of this country and who does not work for regular folks. When Heath Shuler first ran, my friends kept telling me that he was the lesser of two evils and that is why I should vote for him. I think that is what gets us into trouble. We do not hold out for the best – not a perfect human being, but someone really good who believes in Democratic ideals in their very fiber. I did not vote for Heath Shuler then and I certainly will not ever vote for him after these latest votes.

This is how I vote. I ask that an absentee ballot be sent to my home so that I can take my time completing it, research judges, etc. I do not check the box that says “straight democratic” or “straight republican.” I fill out each section individually and when I get to the section of US House of Representatives, I leave that blank. (This will not invalidate your ballot).

I urge all of you in District 11 who are disenchanted with Heath Shuler to find your own voting strategy, but do VOTE. It is critical to replace Senator Burr this year, and it is critical to support other candidates. There are several good people running in the primaries against Senator Burr, please vote for one and then in November, vote for the one who won the primary election. Don’t stay home just because you don’t want to vote for Heath Shuler. There are ways around that.

And for those who say it is important to vote for a Democrat so that a Republican does not win, I say “Nonsense.” Not when that Democrat does not support us, our President, and the basic foundation of Democratic ideals. Take a stand! As some one said recently “We need courage.”

Heath Shuler may win again, but that does not mean we have to support him through campaigns, money, or votes. We need to really hold his feet to the fire should he continue to be the representative for District 11.


I doubt HS would have any

I doubt HS would have any chance of getting re-elected had he voted yes. Just an observation.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

I think you're right, Huh.

This law is very unpopular. But, fortunately for the Democrats in office today, it took over 40 years for government control to make Canadian health care the disaster that it is now, so it might take that long here, too.

But 30-40 years from now, when the doc tells you or your wife that you can't get that hip replacement that you need, because of government cost controls, remember the Democrats who did this to you.


Repub-speak, Dave

That is what is coming from the republican camp right now. The truth is, Medicare is the #1 health care agency for turning down care and procedures currently. But, regardless of that, Medicare is far better than anything else around the world for the elderly.

One thing I do worry about down the road because of bringing in ~30 million newly insured is the lack of health care professionals to provide for them. I ran across an article on this and wanted to present it here.

I already have a considerable wait in my doctor's office and I have had this doctor for nearly 30 years. It concerns me if those that were going to the ER for sniffles and bumps and scrapes now start going to my doctor what the wait time will be and if I will be able to get an appointment when I want or need it should many of these new people get him as their personal physician. We cannot afford to wait until their is a crisis in this regard before we start to try to get more doctors or PA's into our medical system. That is not a conservative or liberal point of view. That is a view of reality.

You aren't the only one who is sad.

Larry Kissell. The 8th district voted for Obama and Kissell still voted no. I don't know how you can be a politician or husband or anything else if you draw a line in the sand. That means you are completely inflexible.



I have been pondering how to send my vote in this matter for the 11th Congressional District of NC. It is very likely I will use the approach above. Just leave the vote open. There for sure be no money from me. Also, I want to point out Mr. Shuler is an elected representative of the 11th Congressional District. He had issues with the legislation...please provide us with the amendments or alternative bills he introduced to alleviate his issues and concerns with the legislation....oh there is none. Just hot air and donations from HC industry.....hmmmmmm. If the Republicans like him so well let them elect him......

The essence of trade unionism is social uplift. The labor movement has been the haven for the dispossessed, the despised, the neglected, the downtrodden, the poor.--A. Phillip Randolph

Church Ladies against Shuler

I was waking in Waynesville the other day when I over heard two elderly women taking about Rep. Shuler.

"He votes like a Republican, talks like a Republican, why did we vote for him?"

"I had the same conversation with other ladies at church on Wednesday and they are fed up with him too."

"Does he have a Democratic challenger?"

I'm not sure where Shuler's base of support will come from, other than Republican's.

Three Democrats voted against Health Care reform.

District 7 - Our buddy Mike McIntyre who thought it was too expensive but never saw an outside the budget war spending bill he didn't embrace.
123,445 residents are in poverty
41,560 children are in poverty
19.1 percent of women are in poverty
31.2 percent of African-Americans are in poverty
30 percent of Native Americans are in poverty
36 percent of Latinos are in poverty

District 8- History teacher Kissell who rode to victory on the sweat and money of progressive Democrats who worked their tails off for him...
40,574 children are in poverty
18.7 percent of women are in poverty
25.2 percent of African-Americans are in poverty
22.8 percent of Asian-Americans are in poverty
25.8 percent of Latinos are in poverty

District 11 - Wealthy jock and Real Estate mogul Shuler who probably can't spell poverty.
90,364 residents are in poverty
24,307 children are in poverty
15 percent of women are in poverty
30 percent of African-Americans are in poverty
24.8 percent of Native Americans are in poverty
30 percent of Latinos are in poverty

Stan Bozarth

Those are staggering figures

The typical size of a Congressional District is a population of 650,000.

McIntyre is choosing not to represent a sixth of his district. Shuler, a seventh of his district. Kissell, a fifteenth of his district.

50 states, 210 media market, 435 Congressional Districts, 3080 counties, 192,480 precincts

These are figures you should question

When figures are presented about poverty, it depends where the figures come from (where do yours come from?) and how they come up with them.

This is a site that will be looked at as being an enemy site of course here because it is not liberal enough but the truth is still the truth.

Poverty. What does that really mean? if a kid can not get a cell phone or a Ipod or a lap top and things like that does that mean a family is in poverty? Most of the things that determine poverty from the government are things that people do not have because they get other things instead with their money.

400% or so more than a certain number and not having what other people have is not poverty. We are not a country that has to make sure everyone has what every one else has. That is another kind of system from ours if you really look at it truthfully.

A site that many of the people here will not like is HERE

If you say the referenced site is just a republican or conservative or radical site then you just ignore the truth.

Ignoring the truth

Heritage is a Conservative think-tank, that receives much of its funding from Conservative foundations. That doesn't mean that everything they write is wrong, but it does mean that they are not an objective oorganization.

They begin with an ideological position, and construct their research and analysis around that position. That is the plain truth, and, if you ignore that, your understanding of issues will be limited.

Ignoring the truth

Sharrison I don't ignore the truth and I think you know that. As I said

This is a site that will be looked at as being an enemy site of course here because it is not liberal enough but the truth is still the truth.

I can question any of the sites you put on here as being one sided and some have funding from a side I may not like. This is tit for tat. I have read enough of your messages here to know you are not ignorant to what i am saying. So please ..

Can I go right back at you with the sites and blogs and so forth that you see as favorable to your way of thinking as being, as you put it

They begin with an ideological position, and construct their research and analysis around that position. That is the plain truth, and, if you ignore that, your understanding of issues will be limited.

That is opinion loftT

Demeaning the rich in our country is wrong. What is your alternative for people realizing wealth. Be honest. The wealthy politicians and the less wealthy politicians with an eye on power in our country are a far greater menace to the so-called poor in America than the people that have created wealth through innovation and effort and generating jobs and economic growth in America. It seems that the current political leadership in America wants to subjugate our populace to their very will. America is not in that mold. Unless these politicians are successful in making the majority reliant on government for most needs, the people of our country will eventually rebel.

Who is being demeaned here?

I have no problem with people working hard and realizing wealth from their labors but the scales are heavily tipped against the lower class ever working their way up and I do have a problem with that. Policies that favor the wealthy have had far too much success at soaking up rather than trickling down as we've been promised since the Reagan era.

And BTW, the current political leadership is there because a MAJORITY of people voted it in. There is no subjugation taking place, healthcare reform IS the will of the people.

Poll shows HC Reform Will of the People?

"..healthcare reform IS the will of the people."

Hey lofT, what poll shows that? I'd be interested in seeing that poll.

loftT you really do not want to go there

promises that Barack Obama ran on.

You really do not want to go there, loftT I like some of what Obama has done and tried to do, but he has gone back on some of his promises and i think you know that.

He's not been as progressive as I wish

but, yes I'll go there. He promised Healthcare reform. Those promises sounded like good Democratic policies to me. What we got in the Health care bill was more like Republican policies of the 90's which is better than nothing. I think he did the best he could considering the best efforts of lobby money flowing fast.

Was it open for all to see?

Was this health care issue open for all to see or were there back room deals and did Obama do as promised and have discussion on it open to the public? Were there back room deals? And, if you defend that by saying republicans had back room deals, did Obama get elected on changing that kind of activity?

This man has done some good things, like I said. But, he has also been very deceitful and has not changed politics as promised. In fact, in my considered opinion he has made politics worse rather than better.

I feel this way and I am sure you don't. We are of two differnt feelings. In some ways that is good for America.

You are SO right, JBradley!

Obama promised a new bipartisanship. Remember? He was going to reach across the aisle, and work with the Republicans. Remember? But when they got to 60 seats in the Senate, that promise went out the window. Republicans were totally shut out of the process.

Obama promised a new openness in government, too. Remember? Committee hearings were going to be on CSPAN. Remember? But that was just a lie to get elected. Nothing has been more closed, secretive, and unaccountable than the processes he and his congressional allies have used to create their legislation.

Promises mean nothing to President Barack Hussein Obama. Words, to him, are just tools to achieve his ends.


She is always right

I sold my entire Encyclopedia collection. :)

You Sir, have a problem with reality!

Healh care

I have only small specific questions with the recently passed health care bill. It is not something I see as a big problem or a huge drain on America. I would like to see a Medicare buy-in, and I am not all that opposed to a single payer situation. I know that goes against how I am seen here, but it is just my feeling. A Medicare buy-in would help me personally so I am biased in that.

We are capitalists in America. That is our system. Because of that, we will have different degrees of wealth for individuals. The less wealthy every since the beginning of time have had negative beliefs and thoughts about the more wealthy class of people. It is just human nature. I would like to be wealthy. I am not. I work, my husband is retired. That is our point in life. Most people look at things from their own personal perspective and try to relate that to the majority but sometimes that is not accurate.

Are you trying to set me up?

loftT, you would not ask me that if you did not have some site or some poll or some other kind of data showing the middle class being in "decline" in America. So, I choose to let you show me your info on that rather than to argue with you on it.

I would bet that within the last few years there has been a change in the wealth of most "classes" in America except what is considered the "rich". But, I am not an "income redistribution" kind of gal, so I am not sure what the point in all of that is.

Uh, huh


What is the alternative?

What is the alternative to there being rich and middle class and poor in America? How can anyone make sure all of those have equal amounts of people?

Which class employs the majority of our citizens?

Aside from the drasticly reduced number of people that are rich from inheretance, why are the rich really rich? Is it really because they rob and steal from the poor or is it innovation and hard work and effort and well you get the point?

I don't care if you answer here. Just answer to yourself. The radical left wants everyone in America to have what everyone else has or at least close if not by effort, by government giving it to them. That is not our heritage and that is not what our country was built on. That is something some people are trying to change.

Is Poverty Bad?

First of all, it seems that "poverty" is being characterized as some sort of defect or evil thing. Since when has money determined quality of character or whether or not one's life is meaningful?

Besides, your statistics aren't correct. According to the US Debt Clock (http://www.usdebtclock.org/), each and every citizen is $115,000 in the hole (subtracting liabilities from assets) which means your stats ought to show:

All US Congressional Districts

100 percent of men are in poverty (all men regardless of federally assigned classification)
100 percent of women are in poverty (all women regardless of federally assigned classification)
100 percent of children are in poverty (all children regardless of federally assigned classification)

I suppose it doesn't matter how one wants to shift the poverty around, it is all ours. And since the so-called "evil" rich people pay the majority of the bill, what's your beef? The top 5% wage earners in this country contribute a whopping 60% of the revenue generated by income taxation. Would you have these same 5% contribute 100%? When would these high wage earners simply stop generating revenue due to the Laffer Curve?

But, but the republicans did that

Obama and pelosi and reid would rebut that by saying bush did that too. No matter Obama ran on 'change'. That was the real lie. But 'change' is really what we got. Just not the 'change' people thought. Lies and deceitfullness and shady dealings and the worst political tricks ever is the 'change' we have seen.

This is not the right place to discuss that though.