With the heat of a thousand suns

Never before in my life have I hated, loathed, and wanted to punish an individual and a group of people as much as I do now. By any measure, thousands of Americans are being murdered...murdered...every day by Trump and his GOP sycophants. Their insatiable greed for more money, more power, and oblivion to anyone but themselves, coupled with negligence and cruelty has gotten us to where we are. I'm tired of asking...begging...for people to be treated decently and humanely and with justice and equity regardless of their color, gender, national origin, etc. I tired of begging that our public lands and wild places and wildlife not be raped by corporate whores. Tired of begging that our water and air be protected, that our oceans not be turned into a morass of plastic and waste and sea life extinguished. I'm nauseated that we allow multi-millionaire "religious leaders" to demean others, even calling for more people to be murdered in "God's name" while they also sell fake cures, appeal for more money, and do so tax-free. We even have to pay their share of state and local property taxes. And, while we wait for an election to hopefully rid ourselves of this plague, these same people are relentlessly working to undermine our elections and remain in power. See Wisconsin yesterday. All of this, of course, sanctioned by the GOP majority on the Supreme Court.

As a sidebar, I am compelled to mention the handling of Captain Crozier, commanding the aircraft carrier USS Roosevelt. Trump, according to those who know, wanted him "gone" because Crozier's request for immediate help for his crew and ship embarrassed the great orange cocksplat. So, Trump told acting SecNav Modly to have Crozier stripped of command. (Trump now says he doesn't even know who Modly is.) Then Modly travels 8000 miles to Guam to address the crew and tells them Crozier is incompetent and stupid. This, from a guy who couldn't steer a rowboat much less command an entire battle group. Trump, to assuage his own ego, is willing to risk the lives of thousands of servicemen and women, and disable $billions of dollars of equipment. Carrier qualified pilots (Crozier is) are not a dime-a-dozen, nor nuclear power trained sailors.

It would be negligent not to mention Senator Richard Burr, and apparently a number of other GOP Senatorial pigs, who dumped their vulnerable stocks and purchased shares in medical equipment companies but failed to warn the public that Trump was lying about the severity of the Coronavirus. Burr says he wants the GOP led Senate Ethics committee to investigate and prove his innocence in insider trading. What a joke. Ethics? I could go on, but what's the use? The economic damages are incalculable. Lives ruined. Homes and businesses lost. Out of the $2 Trillion "bailout," taxpayer/people get @ 1/4th. The rest to corporations...many who pay no taxes. Delta Airlines wants money, yet just paid a $250 M dividend to shareholders.

Finally, there's the GOP now hailing as heroes people they won't agree to pay a living wage. They also call for "unity" in our hour of travail, while at the same time denigrating anyone who points out their numerous crimes, failings, and failures to represent our best interests.

I'm frustrated. What is it I can do except vote? Other actions I'd like to mention are...well, not pretty. Ideas...anyone?



Thank you

My ideas about what to do are pretty pedestrian, but that's where we are:

Register people to vote.
Get voters to the polls or to absentee ballots.
Spread the word about candidates, even when you don't want to.
Become a nag about voting.

Keep posting your thoughts and worries. It helps others (me) when I see folks out there expressing their outrage and dismay. Not just with Trump, but all the way down to local Republican politicians who are every bit as culpable as the Orange Menace.

Write something somewhere every day. Even if you have to repeat yourself.


I was thinking that it would be good to bring back fragging.

2016 proved....

...that our elections are now compromised by the Russians, Chinese, N Korean governments and yes, even the GOP.
While I admire those who cling to the idea that democracy will prevail, I'm fearful that more drastic days are in front of us. And while the Orange One is an easy to hate personality, there's none more loathsome and hateful than NC republicans. They really go out of their way to inflict tyranny onto the least and most vulnerable citizens of this fascist plutocracy. 2 cents and all it's worth

I'll see your two cents and raise you a nickel

This is exactly how I see things. Somehow we have to find a way to crush the despots into oblivion. They've had their chance and failed to be faithful stewards of our democracy at every fucking turn.