He would be an awesome Senator

I made this sign back before anyone had declared for governor or US Senate in the Democratic 2008 primary. It was a good call then and it's a good call now.

Richard Moore has the intellect, the financial acumen and the management insights to contribute mightily in the US Senate as we deal with budget policy, health care, markets, globalization and technology.

It's hard to get back on any horse, and the horse of the Democratic gubernatorial primary was an especially wild one. But I'm hoping that bridges have been rebuilt. I'm hoping that Governor Perdue is reaching out, others too. Richard may not want to shake hands. But I hope he does, whether he runs or not.



I second that!


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A three way with Moore, Cunningham and Shuler

would to Shuler's advantage.

But who would do best against Burr?

Conventional wisdom would Moore on the basis of name recognition, right?

But who would be able to raise the most money?

Based on this equation (Shuler = Schumer) you'd have to call that one for Heath.

Primary turn out will be low. Could progressives tilt the balance?

wanna bet...

...the dscc is already looking at this race as one that will be targeted for funding?

i would have burr on my short list if i was over there.

"...i feel that if a person can't communicate, the very least he can do is to shut up." --tom lehrer, january 1965

Is there any talk of Elaine

Is there any talk of Elaine Marshall running. I'd take her over the other three any time. I would think she would be someone that the conservatives, moderates and progressives could get excited about. She's got the statewide name recognition, a proven track record, connections all over the state and she's paid her dues to the party.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

wrong thread

wrong thread

"Keep the Faith"


I had posted a reply to something and it ended up on the wrong thread. You didn't do anything wrong.

"Keep the Faith"


What a great name.

I agree. This was a fine place for your comment.

Maybe you'll take some time and tell us more about "moderate Democrat." I'm doing some soul searching.

I think moderate is probably

I think moderate is probably in the eye of the beholder. If Elaine Marshall were to be willing to jump in I would hope she would be given due consideration. Unlike the new guys like Shuler or Cunningham we have a lot to go on in evaluating her. She has been an outstanding Sec. of State and was an very good legislator before that. She's won elections and lost them, but in losing she showed what she's made of. She kept her head up, went out and ran again and won. Run someone like that and you know what to expect, no surprises. We should take the Edwards mess as a cautionary tale. Not that some of these guys wouldn't be outstanding officeholders one day, but isn't it better for one to walk before they run? Shuler needs to put in some years as a member of the house, maybe Cunningham needs to run for something less than the US Senate to begin with. I know he was gerrymandered out of his district but would it be so bad to serve a term or two as a county commissioner or WS Board of Commissioners while he works hard for and continues networking within the state party?

I'm a moderate Democrat.


There are few active Democrats in this state who wouldn't walk over broken glass for Elaine Marshall. I just haven't heard tat she is even thinking about it.

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I actively supported Elaine when she ran in 2002 and lost in the primary. I had hoped she'd consider running again last year. However, I think she's decided (at least for the time being) that she's not looking to take on another Senate race.

Re Cal's experience, it's important to me that he did run for, win, and serve well a term in the N.C. Senate. I believe that a combination of his military service and family obligations has been key in his hiatus from electoral politics since then. It's hard to argue with that as legitimate, and I think that his combination of service experiences is still good. I get cynical when a person's first bid for elective office is at this level, but that's not the case with him.

Dan Besse

It won't be

I don't think it will be, but mostly because I disagree that that is what actually occured in the lt gov primary.

"Keep the Faith"

so what happened?

I would be interested in hearing your take on the Lt. Gov. race.

Speaking only for myself (and not BlueSouth)

That race had a wide range of sophistication among the campaigns. I consider the candidates all good folks, but each campaign was different. Getting to 40% plus one in a primary is very specific goal.

Separately, I'm very pleased with Dalton's statewide win over Pittenger last year after being widely outspent by his opponent.

I imagine the thought of Pittenger presiding over the Senate makes some in the GOP as uncomfortable as it does most Democrats.


when it comes down to it...

Dalton's candidacy was just significantly stronger than Dellinger's.

Smathers and I picked up about 21% of the vote between us, but couldn't raise the money to go much further. A study of where our votes came from suggests strongly that most of our vote (by my guess, between 55 and 65 percent) would have gone to Walter if Pat and I hadn't been in the race at all.

Hampton's presence was certainly successful in limiting my reach into the Triangle and cutting off my fundraising avenues there. In retrospect, it was clearly a strategic error for me to continue banging my head against that wall. Hampton took that territory handily. However, the counties (the mountains and the Piedmont Triad) in which Pat and I had our best performances in the actual voting were in areas which otherwise went to Walter.

A Dalton-Dellinger exclusive head-to-head would almost certainly have produced the same results as we saw last year. The scenario in which a progressive Dem would have had the best shot at the Lt.Gov. nomination--one strong progressive Dem candidate and two or more strong business Dem candidates--just didn't materialize.

Having said that in hindsight, it's not necessarily predictive of what would take place this year in a U.S. Senate primary. It always comes down in part to the individual appeal of the specific candidates involved. In a head-to-head, I think Cunningham could be competitive with Shuler--if he can raise the funds to compete. As in--DSCC and NCDP, back off from the hand-picking route and let Democratic voters and individual contributors sort this out.

Dan Besse

Fund raising and vote percentages aside,

you were the hands-down, without-a-doubt, no-contemplation-necessary best man for the job, Dan. I know it, most of the people reading this know it, and I'd be willing to bet good money that Pat, Hampton and Walter also know it.

But if we were smart enough to elect the Dan Besse's of this country, we wouldn't be in the sorry shape we're in.

I'm sure Mr. Besse is a fine

I'm sure Mr. Besse is a fine man and would make an outstanding Lt. Governor but only one candidate for Lt. Gov. visited any of our counties' functions as best I can remember and that was Walter Dalton. He was very impressive as a candidate and one on one he came across as a regular guy that would serve our state well. Nothing can replace showing up at the grassroots level and talking to the people. My guess is that that had as much to do with Dalton's win as anything.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Well Said

Much better said than I could have. I would have added in all sorts of tangents that weren't necessary.

"Keep the Faith"

The numbers suggest you are right about the Lt Gov race

Dalton topped the 45% mark and was more than 10% ahead of Dellinger. Although Hampton has been around the political arena for some 20 years this was his first time on the ballot and it showed. I do not think he is done with elective politics I would not be surprised if he does not run for David Price's seat when rep Price hangs it up. In this race though Dellinger first was going to run for Attn Gen, but when Roy Cooper did not run for Governor he switched to Lt Gov, he made some comments about the office that made me wonder if he really had the office of Lt Gov in his mind or just trying to win an office. His campaign also made statements about both Besse and Smathers campaigns that were in my opinion out of bounds and while they may have been made in the heat of the moment it did not reflect well of Hampton. However he is young and other chances for offices will await him and if he learns from his mistakes he may well be a good office holder one day. In the end Dalton just ran a better race than Dellinger and Smathers and Besse never were given a fair chance to run.

As for the Senate race either Shuler of McIntyre will enter the race but I am not sure which and they will not run against each other. Which ever runs will have the blessing of the DSCC and the Democratic Party fundraisers also. If someone want to run against them it will be an uphill fight but upsets have happened before and they will happen again so maybe this is the year.

Triangle Effort wasn't all bad

Meeting you in Chapel Hill (& your stances on the environment & other issues) got my vote & got me to pass out your campaign info at polling sites in Chapel Hill, Carrboro, & Durham while I was already out there anyways for Jim Neal.

If Shuler runs

We can take a big red bow and wrap it around NC-11 for Republicans becuase no Democrat other than Shuler is holding that district.

If Shuler runs, I will actively work against him.

No, I won't annoint ANY Republican candidate, but I will NOT tell anyone that they should vote for him. He is purely verboten in my political world. For all the reasons that anyone with the Google or who frequents this site can easily understand.

Heath. Stay home and keep NC-11 in kinda sorta Democratic hands. Please.

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