HB-84 North Carolina Medical Cannabis Act Twitter campaign

House Bill 84, the North Carolina Medical Cannabis Act, would be a great first step toward sanity in North Carolina. The bill has several co-sponsors and now faces its first logistical hurdle - the rules committee.

Eighteen states — Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington and the District of Columbia — have enacted laws protecting medical marijuana patients from state prosecution. Patients in these states enjoy legal protections to use medicinal marijuana under a doctor’s supervision. Seriously ill citizens of North Carolina deserve nothing less.

North Carolina voters strongly support this change in law. According to a January 2013 Public Policy Polling statewide survey, 58 percent of North Carolinians favor allowing doctors to authorize specified amounts of marijuana for patients suffering from serious illnesses.

Not only would passage of this bill enable citizens who suffer form painful, debilitating conditions a measure of relief, the legalization of medical cannabis could also generate the first of many good jobs and much needed tax revenues for our state as well.

This bill should be a first step toward building a broad-based cannabis industry across this state. Republican legislators in Kentucky, another state traditionally associated with the tobacco industry, are currently leading efforts to pass legislation allowing their farmers to grow industrial hemp, a related crop with hundreds of industrial uses, from building materials to textiles to industrial lubricants.

The use of marijuana as medicine is a public health issue; it should not be part of the war on drugs. In all of recorded history there are no credible documented deaths from cannabis overdose. Not one. In fact there is a growing mountain of anecdotal evidence indicating that cannabis may even cure many forms of cancer, in addition to it’s well known palliative qualities.

Much research remains to be done if we are to fully discover and exploit the vast potential of this miraculous plant, and North Carolina is uniquely positioned to benefit in a multitude of ways. From research grants at our medical schools and universities to jobs and economic stimulus from a wide variety of industries, our state should be leading the charge.

Visit this link to find out what NC House district you live in.

Then Tweet a message to that representative’s twitter account @nchouseXXX (with the Xs being a one to three digit district no., i.e. @nchouse199).

Please also include @nchousedems @NCHouseGOP and the hashtag #HB84

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For example...

#Cannabinoids may be able to kill cancer cells while protecting normal cells. Source: cancer.gov @nchousedems @NCHouseGOP #HB84

#cannabinoids caused cancer cell death, little effect on normal breast cells. Source: cancer.gov @nchousedems @NCHouseGOP #HB84

Patients who inhaled cannabis had improved mood, sense of well-being, less anxiety. Source: http://cancer.gov @nchousedems @NCHouseGOP #HB84

#Cannabinoids, relieving pain, inflammation, spasms, and convulsions since at least the 19th century. #HB84 @nchousedems @NCHouseGOP

Effects of #cannabinoids include increased anti-inflamatory activity #HB84 @nchousedems @NCHouseGOP

#Cannabinoids boost antiviral activity in the body. Source: cancer.gov #HB84 @nchousedems @NCHouseGOP

58% of North Carolinians favor allowing doctors to recommend cannabis for patients suffering from serious illnesses @nchousedems @NCHouseGOP #HB84

Medical #cannabis could be the first wave of new jobs and tax revenues for NC, #HB84 @nchousedems @NCHouseGOP @PatMcCroryNC



"...the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be."

Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail

@NCHouseGOP blocked the punt

I have been emailing and tweeting support for this bill to committee members for the last two days. This morning I discovered that @NCHouseGOP has now blocked me from following their Twitter account.

Pretty shitty if you ask me, let them know if you agree. Be sure and use the tag #hb84 in your tweets


"...the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be."

Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail

People genuinely need this

People genuinely need this stuff and is way safer than alcohol and pharmaceuticals. Throw out these ridiculous antiquated laws and let people have their medicine!