Haywood Democrats choose Suttles

This afternoon the Haywood County Democrat Executive Committee elected chief deputy Bobby Suttles to replace retiring Sheriff Tom Alexander.

Suttles received 111 of 166.5 votes cast, with retired state trooper Albert Allen and Maggie Valley policeman Russell Gilliland splitting the remainder. Two others expressed interest in the job, but failed to receive a nomination from the floor at the meeting.

Alexander retired effective February 2. His name came up last year in testimony in the trial of former Buncombe County Sheriff Bobby Medford related to improprieties in the regulation of video poker machines.


It sounds like there was less drama

than when Mecklenburg County had to pick a new Sheriff.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Weather on Saturday

Our chairman's notice in the newspaper included an alternate date in case of inclement weather.

As we were lining up to sign in, someone quipped that we should have had an alternate date in case of "clement" weather, as it was in the low 60s in Waynesville on Saturday after what seemed like a week without getting above the freezing mark.


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