Hayes in Toughest Race Ever Say Dole and Burr

Some Republican friends and supporters of mine just shared a letter with me they got in the mail today. It was a fundraising letter from the NC Senators on behalf of my multi-millionare opponent, Robin Hayes. It was full of the usual Republican rhetoric and scare tactics, but I was suprised to read their assement of the race between Congressman Hayes and myself only to find myself nodding in full agreeement.

Dear Friend,

We're not on the ballot this year, but the stakes could not be greater...

...Robin is facing his toughest re-election battle yet and needs your help.

This seat was drawn for a Democrat to win, and they want it back. In fact, Robin is one of the Democrat's top targets for defeat this year...


Senators Richard Burr & Elizabeth Dole

Dole and Burr have realized what we've known all along - the Republicans are in grave danger of losing their go-to guy and rubber-stamp, Robin Hayes!  

No kidding.  

The fact is, the Republicans are still trying to figure out where I came from.

They don't have a clue what to do with a regular working stiff talking about REAL values, and getting people from all over the state and nation alike excited about finally taking back the People's House!

It's why we're closing in on our opponent and going to win in November.

So no matter how many more millions Dole, Burr, the First Lady or the President himself raise for Hayes' million dollar special interest war chest, as long as you are behind me, we've got this thing licked.

Please stand with me as the Republican machine takes target on North Carolina's 8th District and my campaign. I need your support now more than ever. For every $5,000 check my opponent takes from some special interest bent on destroying Social Security or polluting our environment, I need 100 good people to step up and say not this time Robin...


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Thanks BlueNC! LOVED the party last night.

Now let's get back to work!


Larry K.

Made the hit parade at Dkos . . . thanks to a good push from BlueNC-ers. If you haven't recommended him there, please do. As he said last night, NC 8 is one of the poorest districts in the country. The money to defeat millionaire Robin Hayes is going to have to come from people all over the state and the country who want to see Congress restored to an institution of integrity.

I love that the Wighead and the Dickhead are all a-flutter about their waterboy Hayes on the ropes. For once their bs fundraising appeals have a sliver of truth.

Just take a moment to think about this

Larry and I both had recommended diaries on the same list as President Jimmy Carter.

OK...now I don't usually go all atwitter over celebrities or anything....

It's just fun to think about. :)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.