Hayes must be feeling the heat

You can tell there's an election on the horizon because flip-floppin' Robin wants to pander to the special forces units at Fort Bragg. If I were a regular soldier in the Army nowadays, I'd be painting a big ol' target on Hayes' yellow back for ignoring the hard work of hundreds of thousands of ordinary troops whose blood runs just as red as those Special Operations Teams.

This is nothing but another lame Robin Hayes photo op.

RALEIGH -- North Carolina Representative Robin Hayes says better retirement pay for special operations troops will keep them in service. Hayes has introduced a bill in the US House to increase retirement pay for the highly trained troops. Hayes says special operations ranks need to be increased by 15 percent because the troops have had so many assignments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The congressman says more troops can be recruited into special operations by offering a better retirement package.

Increased retirement would be paid under Hayes' plan to troops who received no less than 18 months of hazardous duty pay and who had been in a special ops unit at least five years.

Hayes' district includes Fort Bragg, which is home to the Army Special Operations Command. He is a member of the House Armed Services Committee and is chairman of the Special Forces Caucus.


He can pander to them all he wants...

Very few military families live in the district. It's election year, so he's introducing a lot of legislation. It never goes anywhere.

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Funny funny funny

Froomkin linked to this photo this morning. It's hilarious. Where's the barf bag

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SD- that has to be one of

SD- that has to be one of the most entertaining press photos I have seen in a while!!

i'm not so sure

A large chunk of Fayetteville and Hope Mills is in the eighth district, there might be more armed forces families that you would think.

Heh...someone needs to inform

the researchers at the National Journal that. I was looking at their $70 Congressional Guide at the book store yesterday and their research said very few military families lived in the district. Glad I didn't buy it! It isn't the first place I've seen it. See what happens when you take the word of the beltway journalists.

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For the record

I used to be one of those special operations troops. The guys I worked with would just as soon frag a coward like Hayes as look at him.

Politically Irrelevant

It doesn't matter if there are vets or vets' families in the district. Try polling "Support the Troops", and see what you get. Hayes is being smart, and all the people who just started paying attention to this thing today have put Robin in their mental "He supports the troops" file.

It's good politics.

Who's done the research on his voting record in regard to veterans' issues? If Robin's record reflects that he isn't a troop supporter after all - if he voted to cut health care to soldiers or voted to cut their other benefits or didn't vote for that fancy body armor everybody's talking about - then folks like us get in the newspaper and on the radio and anywhere we can, and we talk about the facts.

It's Kissell's move, and Robin just scored a clean, all-positive PR event that improves his chances in November.

Again I ask, because I'm willing to help, what's the plan?

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I could probably call the Kissell camp

I haven't checked my email today....there should be a press release from them. I have researched Robin's record on other issues and started this one. I started with 2006 and am working back. I usually go back to the 1998-2000 cycle, but that might be overkill. What do you think? If you want to help with votes let me know which years you want to research. I'm swamped right now and I'll take all the help I can get.

I'm working on a couple of action plans for today (net neutrality and another). We need to add this one. LTE's...and get it done today.

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Time's the Enemy


At first opportunity I'll see what I can dig up. Hayes has voted for a couple of pieces of legislation (one expanding mental health access for vets) that were off the radar, but, on the whole, it's my understanding that he has been on Team Bush with all his other votes.

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Floppin' Robin

made the paper, but he didn't make the teevee.

Well, I didn't see anything about it, but that's not saying much.

Has Kissell been on TV ... besides the evening of the primaries?

I just wanted to mention ... I was at a Common Cause event last fall and heard a gentleman (a frequent quest on NCSpin - not JH) answer an audience member's question about "what can we do to get more serious news onto the local stations" that when he worked in a TV news room and they had gotten five calls about a certain subject from the public, a meeting was held to discuss it and plan some coverage.

Just a thought. Seems like Kissell's primary win and his rise from unknown to real contender - a pure grassroots candidate with grassroots work, grassroots money, netroots love, and no corporate sponsorship - might be a good story for some investigative journalist somewhere in the NC-08 district.

You would think some enterprising

reporter would look into the story. The good news is that it did make the newspapers. Many papers only print LTEs in response to their articles. Which paper had a story? I have't read the Charlotte Observer today.

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We have a friend at CL...

she can't run with every story we give her, but she tries! I can send this her way.

Good...I'm working on a response.

I'll email you when I get my research finished. Very nice to see you about this morning!

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There's always hope, A

There's always hope.

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Right move

I hat to admit it, but I actually agree with the purpose of this legislation. Right now, a lot of special operations solders are leaving the military to get work as private contractors where they can make significantly more money. By increasing their benefits, we can provide more incentive for them to stay in the Army where they are desperately needed. That’s not to say regular soldiers don’t deserve these benefits too, but I’m glad to see the strengthening of our special forces units. Plus I think Kerry stated he wanted to double the size of our special forces in 2004 – back when Republicans were calling him weak on defense. Its great to see Hayes finally supporting this idea – right before an election.

Absolutely, nobody

here would argue against you about the legislation...at least not that I'm aware.

The problem is it is window dressing and not a serious effort to support special ops. Hayes has a habit of introducing legislation and then never making an effort to see it through committee. He doesn't appear to lift a finger afterward. He apparently has no power to finish anything he starts.

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You make a good point, but

the reason we don't have money for "troops" is precisely because we're outsourcing this goddamned war to Blackwater. A special ops guy can make an entire year's salary in the Army by working for three months with a private contractor. And where is that money coming from? The Pentagon budget, of course.

There's only on reason all these private contractors are raking in the dough: because that's the only way the chickenhawks can avoid having a draft. Warfighting has become big business and the executives at Blackwater are just the tip of the revolving door iceberg. We're paying them billions, which is what the market will really bear, and in doing so, we're screwing our own guys every damn day.