Happy 10th Birthday BlueNC

BlueNC uprising

Happy 10th birthday BlueNC! In blog years, that's ancient and I think we wear it well. Blogging has changed a lot over the years and our audience has changed too. We've seen social media grow in importance and every professional journalist seems to also be a blogger these days. We still see a good deal of traffic here at BlueNC, though our comment section isn't as active as it used to be. With all the changes in how we get our news, BlueNC continues to be the best source for progressive political news and discussions. We thank you all for your continued support.

BlueNC started in the fall of 2005 with Lance and John, two young law students from UNC, and our blogfather, James Protzman. The brilliant Robert Peterson and I soon followed and the five of us formed the core (as in the only people who ever came here) of BlueNC for what seemed like months. I can remember those early days and the excitement of seeing a comment on one of my posts, especially when it came from someone new to the site.

The first post here was by Lance, Meet Robin Hayes. Soon after that post, we met Larry Kissell and we worked tirelessly to get him elected. Larry didn't turn out to be as progressive as we had hoped, but he was a far sight better than Hayes or his successor, Richard Hudson. The next couple of years we worked hard for Democratic candidates and against Republican candidates with a good deal of success.

The early days of blogging were pretty heady, especially as North Carolina was key to the 2008 presidential election and a lot of people were looking in our direction. There were newspaper and radio interviews, and viral blog posts that almost crashed our servers. The best part of the early years were the amazing people who hung out with us here, blogged with us, partied with us, and over time became off-line friends.

In these later years, Steve and James have kept BlueNC going and with the promise of another wave election, we are ready to deliver our best effort to promote progressive candidates and to provide a check to the misinformation that finds its way from the John Locke Foundation into our local corporate media.

With the popularity of the two posts that tracked Democratic challengers during the filing period, it is clear that our readers want greater access to news about candidates and campaigns. The excitement is building as we feel the same positive vibe that accompanied the promise of Democratic waves in 2006 and 2008. We might not take back Raleigh and Washington in one fell swoop, but 2016 promises to be a major step in the right direction and we plan to be there making it easier than ever for our readers to follow their favorite candidates.

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Thank you for helping BlueNC become and remain the best place for progressive political news in North Carolina.



Great recap

Thanks for posting this. Very sweet.

One highlight for me over the past 10 years was the OLF fight in northeast North Carolina. There was a strong force on the ground there, and BlueNC helped spread the word statewide.

Even Richard Burr eventually came out against it.

I second this emotion:

The best part of the early years were the amazing people who hung out with us here, blogged with us, partied with us, and over time became off-line friends.

It's safe to say engaging with BlueNC folks has been a life-changer for me. Like far too many North Carolinians, state-level politics was an enigma to me. I had absolutely no idea how much impact it had on the lives of people, and learning about that has given me a purpose that (by far) outweighs anything else that has motivated me over the years. I'm not leaving out being a father: The future of my children is never far from my mind when contemplating these issues.

We *can* take back this state from the dividers, but we have to do it together.

I became a follower when

Betsy Muse gave a presentation at a Democratic Women of Union County meeting in 2008. Betsy brought us up to date on this new thing called blogging. Thanks Betsy et al for BlueNC.

Nancy G. Rorie

I remember that!

I still have the newspaper clipping from it. :)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Happy Birthday to Blue!

This has been a great resource complete with such fine people running it and participating in it. I think it'll have an important role to play in the years ahead. And now at the end of the year is a good time to look ahead.

In 2016 we'll decide a governor which also decides control of 100 county board of elections and the state board of elections for who will control those in the 2020 census year (deciding if campuses get early voting sites, if sites are taken away from communities of color, and how to implement election law).

It's hard to imagine that 2020 presidential election year being as big of a year for conservatives as the 2010 midterm that had the tea party wave especially as demographics in the country continue to change and millennials make up growing numbers of the electorate. And that is true nationwide, not just in NC.

The people elected that year will draw the district maps for the next decade. Then by 2024 we'll have our first presidential election with the new maps. I believe that is when control of the NC legislature may flip in one or both chambers if it hasn't already. But it is this 2016 election that could decide veto power, board of election control setting the stage for the next census, and possibly have the legislature lose it's veto-proof majority in at least one chamber.