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My brother took this picture election day in Greensboro.


My brother took t his picture

and I thought I had included that info in the text of the post, but now I see that my originally titled comment "I'm kinda proud of the guy" could be misconstrued.

I am kinda proud of my brother -- who took the picture.

Certainly reflects the times

it's a good picture, makes ya feel a little lump in the throat. Lord, am I ever going to stop tearing up?

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It's a beautiful picture

I can't wait to see more of his work.

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It's a wonderful picture.

I showed it to my mother, who asked permission to print it and put it on her wall. I assumed it would be ok, so long as it had written on the back "Taken by Brunette's brother, of whom she is very proud."

Awwww Linda

That is so nice to hear. He recently transplanted to NC from California, and immediately plunged into work at the local headquarters for Obama. Thus, our family has decided to credit him with turning NC blue. Not sure he buys our theory but we're hoping to reinforce his interest in NC and political activism.


Hi Linda,

I'm delighted that your mother would want to print the photo.

By the way, it was taken on October 27 at a Joe Biden rally, not on election day...


Rusty D