Hagan Puts Out New Ad

I am not sure how well this message works with some her past votes in the State Senate, but its a strong message and its on the right track. I hope that this is continued with some strong hits on Dole and George Bush. It would also be nice to see some ads with Kay talking about being a mom and understanding what high gas prices are doing to North Carolina families.

Most important though, I am thrilled that this ad has Kay speaking directly into the camera. Im so glad they got rid of the horrific voice over.


Go Kay!

Go Kay! I know you have made some trips to the mountains. But please don't forget NC does not stop at Asheville. There are a lot of us voters out here who are stuck in the middle of the red sea. These folks will vote against their own interest to vote red......Has anyone seen liz lately??

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You beat me to it!

I happen to really like this ad. Kay does have a great presence in person. She is very warm and scored huge points here in Union County when she came to visit with us. (More on that later.) I have also heard from two people who saw her last night at an event in East Charlotte and both raved over her. (Disclaimer: One of them was my dear mother.) Oh..she also raved over Larry Kissell and what a wonderful campaigner he is. She said he's still very genuine and warm, but much more at ease during his presentation.

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