H589, Voter ID, election changes: debate in Senate

H589, Voter ID, election changes: debate in NC Senate

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NC Senate now taking up H589 (voter ID, election changes).
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Sen. Rucho (R-Meck.) just outlined the content of the bill. Debate from Democrats now ongoing.

Sen. Josh Stein (D-Wake) now debating the bill's restrictions on early voting in NC. "85% of voters in NC favor early voting." "There is nothing in the bill that assures continued early voting hours in shortened (10 days) voting period..." "So if you all want to assure the same access to early voting, you will support my amendment..."
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Sen. Rucho says Stein "rambles on with his charts." Some of us like facts, Senator. Even facts you don't want to acknowledge. #hb589 #NCGA

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As a reminder, more than 2.5 million voters used early voting in 2012. That's about 56% of all voters. #ncga

NC Senate in recess until 4:30 pm

You might want to read about the bill now at WRAL.com:

"This is voter suppression at its very worst," Allison Riggs, a voting rights attorney for the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, told the committee. "It's a cynical ploy to make it harder for certain people to vote."


Senate seeks compromise on elections bill

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Another 15 minute recess for the Senate. Amendment still not ready. Trying to craft an early voting compromise #ncga


Time is running out on this bill.

Sen. Graham (D-Meck.) sent forward an amendment. It was tabled by vote with GOP majority.

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Graham on the anti-voting bill: This bill is not about restoring trust. Trust is being lost as we speak. #NCGA #NCPOL



Sen. Parmon "I want to remind everyone that we are North Carolinians!" Stop comparing us to other states. #hb589 #NCGA

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Sen. Robinson is giving a much-needed history lesson about voter suppression in America and in NC. We should not be going backwards. #hb589


Robinson asks if NC wants to return to Jim Crow. Short Answer: NCGA does.

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old white men diss amazing African American Women Senators! #hb589 #votersuppression

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Robinson sends forth an amendment to allow anyone without photo ID to have same opportunity as people using absentee ballots

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