Guess who hates Wighead Dole?

Why none other than Jean Schmidt, the loose wingnut from Ohio who said John Murtha was a coward. Never thought I'd live to see the day that I agree with a lunatic like Schmidt. But yet, I must say, I do hate Elizabeth Dole. She is the worst kind of Senator . . . one who is apparently incapable of thinking for herself.

From The Hill.

As a delegate to the Republican National Convention in 1984, Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-Ohio) expressed her contempt for a future colleague and allegedly likened young Republican activists to Hitler, according to an interview published by the local paper at the time. While shadowing Schmidt at the convention, The Cincinnati Enquirer reporter initially described Schmidt as a “woman who will speak her mind whenever she pleases.”

Schmidt, who was 32 at the time, provided evidence for this assessment during her time with the reporter, who quoted her taking issue with future Sen. Elizabeth Dole (R-N.C.), who was then President Reagan’s transportation secretary. During her tenure at Transportation, Dole wanted to impose a nationwide drinking age of 21.

“I hate that woman,” she told the reporter. “I just can’t stand her. Anyone who wants to force an increase in the drinking age to 21. … She can send our boys off to fight wars when they’re 17 and 18 but won’t let them drink till they’re 21.”

Cat fight in the offing, or have the two wingnuts made peace now that they've both become Bushbots?


Nope...don't think so

I've heard other rumblings 'bout this. I just can't remember where or when.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Airheads make war and peace for the past 30 years?

Dang! I was hoping for a " Smackdown" between Tiger Jean
and mean red machine Liz in a Wire Cage
to promote the next " Raw" story for humor.
The winner gets Bob Dole body and a free Air Force 1 ride
to Disney World.

Liz when DOT Commsara threaten the states if they wanted
Federal Highway funds the drinking age had to be raise to 21 in
order to recived them... Her main claim to fame when she was DOT dame
was her bragging how she made the Auto companies put that red stop
light in the back windshield that still blocks your view to the
rear when backing up in the driveway. She claim at that time. that
over 1 million rear ends crashes had avoided and 50 thousand lives
had been save. When press by the media for the data on this claim,
She simply said the insurance companies had the data and it was
a secret since the insurance rates had dropped in those years of
her law.....

Dull Dole

I didn't know we had the lidhead to thank for those stinking tail lights.

But never fear, she's made up for any lives she may have helped save by here unflinching support for Dear Leader's War in Iraq. I'm guessing at least 50,000 have died thanks to Liz and the rest of the Bushbots. I know they don't count though, being brown-skinned heathens and all.

Old School v. New

This sounds like Jean pre-assimilation. That is, she's making a common states-righters point, that mandating a national drinking age is legislating at the expense of state autonomy. This is the old Republicanism, before the new pro-spending, pro-expansive federal power party came into being. You'll hear Republicans in Raleigh (many of whom are not Bush-bots) use the example of the drinking age to illustrate a federal government grown beyond its bounds. It's a reasonable position (if not necessarily correct), and fodder for a decent conversation over a beer or coffee.

That is, unless your discussant has the kind of fifth-grade mentality that turns disagreement into "I hate that woman!" Jean's a winner, for sure.