Guess who didn't attend the Charlotte OLF Hearing?

There was never any doubt what the outcome would be with Liddy Dole's last-gasp gesture at covering her sorry performance on the OLF controversy. She called for a meeting in Charlotte to get more public input, wasting more taxpayer money on a cheap political stunt. And she didn't even have the guts to show up. No surprise there, of course. It's not clear she even knows where Charlotte is.

In any case, the results of the meeting were impressive, and were aptly summed up by a guy named Jim Cox, who, like me, is a graduate of Canoe U.

"The Navy is trying to justify a political decision," said Huntersville resident Jim Cox, a Naval Academy grad who served 20 years. "If it made sense, it wouldn't be political."

That crackling sound you hear is the bones and joints snapping from all the contortions Liddy Dole has to go through to make sense of her ridiculous positions on this issue. She'll be the last one to jump on board - and jump on board she will - because of all the people involved in this fiasco, she's the one most familiar with the need for saving face.


Surely noone is surprised

Why, just yesterday I received a letter from the junior Senator from NC (Mr. Burr) dated March 21st. It listed several dates for town-hall meetings on the OLF.

Guess what? They all occurred before yesterday, thus, I missed them.

Why must we (NC) have the Keystone Cops of Senatorial representation?

Thomas S. Brock


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Liddy Blues Brother Excuses for missing the meeting

1. The Navy promise me a plane to get me to the meeting. They sent a seaplane first which couldn't land at Charlotte and I turn it down. They then sent me another plane a one seater trainer bi-plane with my husband as the pilot. We flew for hours and got into a fog bank over Charlestown Massachusetts and crash into a Am-Track railroad depot.

We bought tickets on the Red line American special to Charlestown South Carolina at the depot. We expect to arrive within the next 14 days for the meeting. They wouldn't dare start it without me unless it was a vast Liberal communist conspiracy.

Huggs and Kisses...Ditty Liddy

While I did not

attend the charlotte meeting, I am impressed that 300+ people did make it out there.

I dont know what to think right now. There has been enough opposition to let anyone with even the most rudementary understanding of a wants and needs to figure out this is not justified anywhere in NC that the local people do not wish it.

Mrs. Dole, Mr. Burr, the process has run its course with the public hearings and the question on the table now is,


Are you going to be proactive and say NO OLF anywhere in North Carolina, or are you going to let this go until its to late for you to do anything?

The opposition to this OLF is beyond just a bunch of hick farmers (even thou every one of those "hick" farmers are pleading with both of you to support us) whining about not wanting to lose some land and a bunch of birds , but is much larger then that, it is about will our elected officials support us and represent us, or do what ever they want? This OLF is not about national defense. It is not about noise mitigation or surge capability.

While some operational flexibility will result, based on that logic, every airwing on the east coast should have its very own OLF to practice on. That logic is just as convincing as anything else the Navy has tried for justifying this OLF.

From anyone that went to the Charlotte meeting, was there alot of support for this OLF? Or was most of it against?

Did Liddy make any kind of speach even if from one of her staffers?

Dole, Burr and everyother politician or politician gonna be, where do you stand? With the Navy on an illconcieved plan that still has not been properly documented and researched, or with the people who are asking you to force the Navy to justify the requirements of this OLF? When the Navy is required to justify this with proper facts and numbers, they cannot. If they could, realistic numbers whould have been produced. No new numbers since the DEIS have comeout. The only thing we have gotten out of the Navy is confusion and half-ass reports that say nothing.

From what I heard

there was ZERO support for the OLF in Charlotte. ZERO.

Dole, Burr,

Did you see that????

ZERO support for this thing.

are you going to be a zero or a hero?

Approx. 400 people attended

The Navy did not count people going through the entrance door of the ballroom where the meeting was held. They counted people walking by them at one particular location. If people entered the convention center from different locations they would not be counted. With people milling all over the place and coming from different directions it was impossible to get an accurate reading.

We actually counted the people sitting in chairs and standing in the back once the meeting started.

i heard on npr

local, not national, that there were 80 speakers.

Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Liddy 44 Brad 33

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Susan . . .

did anyone speak in favor of the monstrosity?

Wonder what number

the Navy is going to come up with.

Their numbers are "offical" numbers, but did they do anything to encourage folks to come by them to be counted?

Glad the folks at Washington encouraged folks to sigh their books. 900 vs 600 is a big diffrence and again, indicative of how NAVFAC did all their studies.

Are eastern N.C. residents second class citizens?

Read this opinion article in Washington Daily News
Are eastern N.C. residents second class citizens?

By CAROLYN HESS, vice president, Albemarle Environmental Association, Elizabeth City
With so much emphasis being put on alternative siting for an OLF, a serious issue is being overlooked. The Navy does not need this OLF, which (it says) will only be used 10 to 15 hours a week, which will cost taxpayers a quarter billion tax dollars, and which will have negative impacts on any community saddled with the facility.

Current facilities are adequate. The Navy has plainly stated in all its documents that facilities at Oceana and Fentress airfield are adequate for training. When the BRAC Commission recommended possible closure for Oceana, the Navy strongly defended the effectiveness of the base. Facilities at Cherry Point are also adequate to train the two squadrons assigned to it.

Why do some communities get to choose? The Navy’s primary reason for an OLF is noise reduction in Virginia Beach, this because of complaints and lawsuits by Virginia Beach residents. If one looks at precedents, when residents living near the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station complained about jet noise, they were told they had no recourse. They were branded NIMBYs (Not In My Back Yard) and told to live with the noise. Why then are Virginia Beach NIMBYs being catered to? Why are they being allowed to dump military noise on eastern North Carolina? Are eastern North Carolina residents of lesser importance than residents of Virginia Beach?

The state of Florida offered to house the jets at Cecil Field, a proposal that made eminent good sense because of the size of the base. But residents in the Jacksonville area objected. These residents had a choice. They voted in a formal referendum not to reopen the base because they did not want the noise.

Here in eastern North Carolina, the targeted communities have been told for five years that they have no choice but to swallow Virginia’s noise, that one of five communities must be ready to take an OLF that is unnecessary. Why are residents in Jacksonville, Fla., given a choice through referendum, but residents in eastern North Carolina are given no choice? Is it because residents in eastern North Carolina are considered second-class citizens who can be ignored because no one will champion them?

Who will defend the citizens of eastern N.C.? If the Navy gives up on Site C, which site will the Navy then point to? A, B, D, or E? If the Navy gives up on Site C, will public officials then fold their tents and walk away, leaving residents in Site A, B, D or E to struggle on, with their tax dollars paying for an unnecessary OLF?

Regardless of where this unnecessary OLF is located, every county in eastern North Carolina will have to endure noisy overflights. Already, noise from military jets is irritating and often downright unbearable in these quiet rural communities. To our knowledge, this contentious issue has never been addressed by any commission or committee.

Do Navy justifications make sense? When the draft EIS was released in 2002, Fentress was operating well below capacity. Since then obsolete planes have been retired. Navy concerns about occasional scheduling conflicts and the occasional need for surge operations (which have already been handled effectively in two wars) have not been substantiated in the environmental impact statements.

The Navy claims light pollution at Fentress in Chesapeake, Va., degrades training. If this is true, why is it considering two sites adjacent to prisons with glaring lights? And why will Fentress continue to be used for night training after an OLF is constructed?

As for the Navy’s safety record, we respect the need for fine training for our pilots. We are pleased that, according to Navy Safety Center reports, aircraft safety is at an all-time high. Training of Virginia’s Super Hornet squadrons is apparently not being degraded by current conditions at Oceana and Fentress.

Are We pawns? Can the Navy justify spending tax dollars and destroying natural resources anywhere in eastern North Carolina to train pilots for 10 to 15 hours a week when adequate facilities already exist? Are eastern North Carolina residents being played as pawns for the mere promise of 24 planes? New business and commerce, tourism and population growth fueled by prosperous retirees and industry will more than make up for any loss of income from 24 jets.

Has the Navy become the enemy? Anyone who attended the recent hearings for the supplementary EIS quickly became aware of citizen anger and mistrust toward the Navy. Words like “deceitful,” “liars,” “trespassers,” “irresponsibility,” “poor planning” rang through the hearings. Defiance and a refusal to be intimidated by the Navy were constant themes. How sad that this Navy, which was so admired — no, not just admired, worshiped — for its daring and deeds during World War II is now viewed as “arrogant” and “ignorant.”

We submit that this proposed OLF is a primary example of Department of Defense strategy to exempt military operations from fundamental public health and environmental laws. Such exemptions will destroy countless acres of critical habitat for endangered species. They will turn people who live near these facilities, and the states that host them, into second class citizens.

Our requests. It is time to take the destiny of eastern North Carolina back from those who do not understand nor care about the priceless heritage that exists here. The responsibility lies with our elected officials to stand firm against this OLF that is not needed and cannot be justified.

We thank those public officials and organizations who have publicly opposed an OLF in Washington and Beaufort Counties. We hope they will work toward eliminating the OLF project entirely, so that every community in the state can rest easy knowing that it will not become a second-class community, irreparably damaged by an OLF that is not needed.

For more in-depth information, see AEA’s website, or Google/Yahoo “AEA on the Web.”


...what he said.

"...i feel that if a person can't communicate, the very least he can do is to shut up." --tom lehrer, january 1965

This letter is more important now

then ever before. Yes everything I read in this post is true, and makes sinse.

The Navy needes to answer these questions first before coming to us.

I think I am going to copy paste this entire thing as it is and send it to the Navy as a comment, we have till May 9 now to get our comments in. But this one is a beautiful.

the place to send the above comment! please, ooo please do.

By chance anyone know liddy's supposide address? would love to send this to the Navy with her addy! how ironic. And Im not talking about her primary one in DC!

She. Didn't. Show. Up?

Are you frickin' kidding me. Please, please tell me WNCNN got footage of this for another of their great empty seat videos.

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- Andrew Jackson

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


there was this

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole today announced that the U.S. Navy has agreed to her request that it hold an additional hearing in Charlotte on the proposed outlying landing field (OLF) in northeastern North Carolina.

That came about 8 days after this

To be fair, she wanted this as an opportunity for concerned citizens of North Carolina. She doesnt fit into either category.

Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Liddy 44 Brad 33

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The Corporate Overlords at WNCNN didn't send any reporters to the event. But someone must have that empty seat pic...

Scrutiny Hooligans -

do you think she forgot?

Maybe she's just so busy helping ordinary North Carolinians that sometimes she forgets things. You know, I often forget things when I don't write them down, and I bet you do to.

Liddy just needs a day planner.

A planner

and a pencil!

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ill bet she just needed a map.

Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Liddy 44 Brad 33

"Keep the Faith"

Would a Map Help If

you can find your


way back to the state that elected you?

Hint: It wasn't Virginia.

I am so enjoying the pics of what

I need to send Mizz Dole for Christmas.

  • Dayrunner
  • Pencil
  • Maps of NC
  • A Platter so we can serve her the walking papers she deserves.
  • yeah...

    ...what she said.

    "...i feel that if a person can't communicate, the very least he can do is to shut up." --tom lehrer, january 1965


    I don't think she'd recognize the other one.

    Dole A NO-SHOW

    at her own meeting...that big "L" she wears doesn't stand for Liddy, it stands for LOOSER!!!!!!

    No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

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    I had saved her a seat, too!! Right up front!

    I bet her GPS sent her to the Panthers Stadium & she just thought we were playing hide & go seek!

    Oh no, wait.........that's her doing that.

    Can Someone Compile a List?

    Just how many times she's been to NC and what she did while she was here?

    It would be great to go door knocking with that little list in my hand.

    since 2000?

    im not sure. i know that after she was elected in 02 she has been in the state maybe 4-5 times a year.

    Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Liddy 44 Brad 33

    "Keep the Faith"

    I'm so sad I missed this thread yesterday

    Real life has intervened this week.

    I had planned to go Tuedsay, but with the man out of town and not being able to leave the girls alone at night, I had to stay home.

    I was happy to receive several "chain" emails encouraging attendance and WCNN had news coverage of the event the night before and day of. The Observer also had an article informing people about the hearing. I wish attendance had been more overwhelming (in the thousands). That would have shown Liddy and the Navy. I have not heard anyone speak in support of the landing field and I've been surprised at the number of people who actually know about this issue here in Charlotte.

    Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

    Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

    Don't let her out much in public.

    Considering how horribly rude she was on Meet the Press maybe they have decided not to let her out in public much. What an embarrassment to North Carolina!!


    That Press the Meat interview was terrible

    What a shrill harpie that woman is.

    Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

    Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.