GSO's International Civil Rights Museum receiving threats

A friend who had donated to the Museum got the following email.

The Museum has been receiving racist threats of violence - and had two people show up with loaded weapons - after MSNBC aired a segment on Trump's campaign bullied the staff in an attempt attempt to use the Museum as a backdrop for a photo-op. The campaign demanded that the Museum close for five hours to accommodate arrangements and security for Trump to be briefly be photographed looking at the exhibits.

The photo-op would have taken place on the same day as the police killing of Keith Scott and the beginning of the unrest in Charlotte. Rachel Maddow's video report is well worth watching if you haven't seen it already, putting the incident in the context of Trump's visit and his remarks about African-Americans that day in NC appearances.

September 27, 2016
Good Evening Museum Supporters,
From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank each of you for your letters of encouragement and your gifts in support of the International Civil Rights Center & Museum. Due to recent events regarding the Trumped Campaign, there are and continues to be a number of ugly incidents visited upon this Museum. They started last Friday night following the airing of the following announcement on MSNBC, (…/civil-rights-museum-rejects-trump-ph…), that the Museum would not be used as a prop for Donald J. Trump. Upon my returning to the Museum by Monday morning, I was informed of the all of the calls that we have been receiving in which our staff were repeatedly called “n*****s, “b***hes," and racists. (We have recording of each of the messages.) These calls also included threats that the callers were going to burn the building down and shoot it up. There were a number of such communications sent in to me via e-mail following a Saturday’s news interview, by one of our Board Members, regarding the Trump Campaign and the Museum.
Due to the above threats, I had to call the Greensboro Police Department on Monday, to come to the Museum to escort two visitors from the property who came in wearing loaded guns. The customer had the right to have an unconcealed weapon, but it was in our best interest to error on the side of safety for our staff and guest.
So, the purpose of this notice is to thank those of you who understood the importance of the Institution enough to send your letters and gifts in support of the Museum. Secondly, I do intend to acknowledge all of the donors officially, but some of you may have been sending in financial gifts in lieu of flowers, in memory of a family member of one of our staff. If your donation is to be applied in this manner, I would like to hear from you so that I can properly and timely notify the family. Please just reply to this message with, but I will send an official notice to everyone for your tax records.
Finally, I would once again like to thank each of you and ask that you keep us in your thoughts. I have attached a copy of our latest newsletter and announcements for your review.
John L. Swaine, CEO & CFO
International Civil Rights Center & Museum
134 South Elm Street
Greensboro, NC 27401
336-274-9199, Ext. 239 - office
336-609-0750 - Cell



I agree

Sauce for the goose, as Spock would say. Hell, if we started stopping and frisking people shopping at Nordstrom's, the lawnorder folks might get some idea of how fucked up that practice is. Or maybe not. It would probably be halted in the first twenty minutes after some phone calls to family attorneys.

The Trump cult threatens AZ newspaper

Yesterday, the Arizona Republic endorsed Hillary - the first time they've endorsed a Democrat in its 100 plus year history. Trump supporters are sending death threats to the paper.

This is becoming a pattern with the cult-like followers of this guy.

We'll probably see more of this

as Trump supporters realize they (and their candidate) are on the fringe and don't have the numbers to get him elected.

A monster like he's created won't die quietly.