Groupie Pat parties at Moogfest as protest rages

Pat McCrory made a surprise appearance at Moogfest, attending a VIP pool party atop the Aloft Hotel. Meanwhile, protestors went on with a planned rally against his policies.

McCrory was originally scheduled to appear at a kickoff panel of the five-day festival, which celebrates music technology and innovation. Local residents organized a protest against the Republican governor after the announcement.

Jill Lieberman, a Moogfest spokeswoman, said Friday morning that McCrory would not attend “due to a scheduling conflict.” Later that day, McCrory’s office said organizers asked him not to attend the event but sent best wishes for a successful event. Moog said that it regretted any miscommunication between the parties.

Most people were not expecting to see McCrory here for the event, although protesters continued with their rally Wednesday afternoon at the Vance Monument.

About 80 people attended the protest. The protest lasted about an hour and featured various speakers who criticized the governor for his policies.

Teddy wonders what's going on behind the scenes with the organizers of Moogfest and why they're so interested in having the unpopular Governor McCoalAsh playing groupie at their concert.


The City of Asheville coughed

The City of Asheville coughed up $90,000 to support Moogfest, and Buncombe County another $40,000(?) I think, because it was sold to us as a way to attract high tech jobs and investment to our region.

When Gov. McCrory was invited to participate in the panel discussion about bringing those jobs and investment here, the words "Western North Carolina" were quietly removed from the title. We can't tie him down to actually work to bring those jobs here, right? That Research Triangle deserves some more sugar, doesn't it?

McCrory should never have been invited - he is wildly unpopular here. It was inevitable that his invitation to play a prominent role in a citywide festival would cause controversy. All that has happened is that the people who hate Asheville and want to see it bankrupted and its charter erased, are using this as further justification to keep shiving us.

Moog owes the City taxpayers and elected leaders a huge apology for screwing us this way, IMO.