Group Trolls George Holding at GOP Fundraiser

"Congressman Holding: Hands Off Our Health Care"

“CONGRESSMAN HOLDING: HANDS OFF OUR HEALTHCARE” was the message welcoming George Holding this weekend at the Red, White, and BBQ picnic sponsored by the East Wake Republican Club.

The airplane banner ad, promoted by North Carolinians For a Fair Economy, flew over the GOP picnic on Saturday night. The event, billed by the organizers as “the largest conservative gathering in the state,” confirmed that Congressman Holding, as well as other elected officials, were in attendance.

The Kaiser Health Track Poll this month shows that one-fourth of voters say healthcare is the “most important issue” for 2018 candidates to discuss in their campaigns. George Holding and his GOP allies may have failed to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), but they are systematically cutting funding and support for the very provisions that his constituents – and all Americans - depend upon.

The damage to date:

Massive premium increases (by an additional $1,433) to pay for the #TrumpHoldingTaxScam to benefit billionaires and millionaires

Proposal to exclude preexisting conditions (315,100 individuals) in Holding’s District live with a preexisting condition)

Repeal of the Individual Mandate (makes insurance pool older and sicker)

Push temporary, short-term, limited-duration plans with inadequate coverage

Slashes funding for enrollment assistance (navigators) by 70 percent or $26 million

Almost completely ended outreach and advertising so enrollment would decrease

North Carolinians For A Fair Economy believes that George Holding must put his constituents before his loyalty to the GOP sabotage. Hopefully, he will get the message. Video can be seen here: