Governor Hunt Gave Justin Burr, Republican legislator, $1000 in Oct 2013 -- WTH

What the heck is going on? N&O reported that Governor Jim Hunt gave Justin Burr, a Republican, $1000 in 2013. Any one know what is going on here. Representative Justin Burr is one of the most vicious Teabillies in NC. Surely this must be a mistake, but I looked it up on NC BOE compliance reports my self.

I am also worried about Governor Hunt's consorting as of late with Governor McCrory concerning education, including the Emerging Issues Forum. While Governor Hunt is much concerned about education, as are those among us who are rational about education, which does not include McCrory, I feel that McCrory is using Governor Hunt as cover for the depredations that he and his Teabillies in the legislature have forced on education among other things. Meanwhile, the NCDP is and has been struggling for money to sustain operations. I guess one might call out, like the boy in Shane, "Jim, Jim, come back Jim".

Surely there is some wonderful explanation, but right now I cannot find it.


ONE MORE FUNDRAISING NUGGET: Former Democratic Gov. Jim Hunt gave state Rep. Justin Burr, a Republican budget writer, a $1,000 contribution Oct. 12, 2013, campaign finance reports show.

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2. From BOE Website - Justin Burr filings
Governor Hunt gives Justin Burr $1000 in October, 2013!
From NC State Board of Elections Campaign Reports


Hunt is the last person

to be manipulated by a Republican, especially a dunce like McCrory. Don't know about the Justin Burr donation, but I'm sure he had his reasons. Maybe something to do with the Primary.

Ronnie's Regannnn Hunt Moment?

No doubt a "Senior Moment" occurred with the former Democrat Gov or he thought he was buying Cheap House Metal Sliding from a group of traveling GOP Justin Bieber Gyspeessssssssssss

Senior moment or just business as usual?

OK - here's a question I had to ask when I read this:

Why would former Governor Jim Hunt be giving money to Republican candidates while being the front man for a group of people who are trying to raise money for Democratic candidates by doing an end-run around the Democratic Party because they don't like their lack of control over the Party?

Doesn't Jim Hunt know that every dollar given to someone like Burr is a dollar that someone like Burr can give to another Republican in a contested race against a Democrat someplace else?

Perhaps it's time to drop one of the names in the Sanford-Hunt-Frye dinner and include a real yellow-dog progressive Democrat like Jim Long in that mix?

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting