"Government unchecked is government unchained," Beth Grace of NCPA

Governments say they want to run notices on their own websites, with no public oversight, to save money. We understand that saving money is in everyone’s interest. That’s why the North Carolina Press Association has teamed with some smart legislators to propose a bipartisan bill (HB 723) that cuts newspaper prices for these ads and offers to post every notice on a newspaper website with a free statewide website provided at no cost to government or taxpayers.

Everybody wins — governments save money and the public sees notices that could change lives. Newspapers remain strong and continue to defend transparency and government openness against all comers.

Public notices exist because the public has the right to know what government is doing in its name. Don’t let special interests take your rights away. Call and email your legislators and tell them YOU want to know what’s going on! Tell them to support House Bill 723!

(emphasis added)
In a similar vein, we have a severe problem with compliance with Open Meetings Laws in the Dept. of Health and Human Services in North Carolina. I asked to be sent emails of major meetings of Commissions and Councils that are advisory bodies of DHHS, and I was told to look at their web site. The won't even send emails, and the web sites are mostly out-of-date and difficult to navigate.

As the writer says, "Government unchecked is government unchained." This is posted on the NC Spin TV Show's web site posted by Beth Grace, the ED of the NC Press Assn. Read more here:



Unchecked. Unchained. Unhinged. It's the Republican way.

Unrepentant, unjustifiable,

unsolicited, and...well, I was going to say "unredeemable", but I'm pretty sure that's "irredeemable". ;/

That too.

Un American...


Nc press blows

Newspaper Publishers are predictably fighting the bills, one of the last reliable revenue streams for print newspapers.
But what they’re really arguing for is a right to maintain a monopoly on what has essentially become a government subsidy of their operations.
It’s a position that is hostile to taxpayers and consumers by blocking free market competition and potentially saving governments money.
This from Howard Owens digital pioneer.
It is a joke seeing the NC Press Association keep their blinders on to this issue. It is not 1949 but 2013 and time for the digital age to provide this information and save taxpayers money.

If you had bothered to read the whole story

You would know that the proposal from the NC Press Assn. is to use digital media to post the notices. Read the whole thing. And they are offering their service at no charge to the state or its taxpayers. They proposed continuing to post notices in print, but at a reduced rate. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

Martha Brock