Gov. Ken Lewis?

While it seems like Erskine Bowles is the Dem establishment darling I'm looking for folks who will chart a new course.

I've liked Brad Miller for years and think he would have the moxie to take on the challenge in a progressive manner.

Bill Faison has been working hard on jobs policy and deserves a closer look.

And now former US Senate candidate Ken Lewis looks like he's considering a run.

He just tweeted the following:

Rapidly changing NC politics. With change there is opportunity for progress. Lots to think about. What do you think? Under the Dome

He certainly charted a different course in the Senate race, what do folks think of his chances?

And with Ken thinking about a run, does that mean other former US Senate candidate Jim Neal is far behind?


I love Ken

He's as good a guy as you'll find in politics. He'd have to move fast.


On all accounts.

Agree - it's all about who can tap quick cash...

Agree James. Think its all down to who can raise quick cash. Faison has 500K+ in his war chest - I imagine Bowles has access to lots of cash and support also...

there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must do it because Conscience tells him it is right. MLK,Jr. to SCLC Leadership Class