Gov. Gary Johnson writes letter to LPNC convention addressing Amendment One

At the LPNC convention in Durham, NC on Sunday March 24, a letter from former Governor of New Mexico and current candidate for the LP Presidential nomination Gary Johnson was read by Tim Doran, his State Director for North Carolina. In the letter he talked about the importance of North Carolina and its fight against Amendment One,(emphasis mine)

"Your home state is set to play an important role in the presidential election this year not just because it will host the Democratic convention or because it represents a crucial swing state, but because you are at the epicenter of an important battle for individual liberty. The battle over the Amendment 1 ballot initiative will be a signal to the country and the world as to whether we are ready to stand up for civil liberties, civil rights and freedom. The fight against Amendment 1 is a fight to protect the freedoms of not just the LGBT community but for everyone. That is because this isn’t just about marriage equality. It is bigger than that. The freedom to marry is inextricably tied to the freedom of speech, the freedom to bear arms, the freedom to earn a living and many other liberties. Freedom cannot be parceled into economic liberties or personal liberties. They are essential parts of the whole. You either embrace it fully or you don’t. I certainly have and that is why I have not been afraid to speak out on controversial issues even when they may have hurt my chances at higher office. I have openly supported marriage equality, been a vocal opponent both of our failed war on drugs and our failed attempts at nation-building."

Gov. Johnson sought the LP nomination for President after leaving the Republican Party. His pro-choice stance as well as his support of gay marriage, marijuana decriminalization, immigration reform and military cuts and opposition to nation-building made him unpopular with the republican base despite his success and popularity as governor where he eliminated a budget deficit and created a surplus without raising taxes.