The GOP's voter suppression law in Federal court today

Don't hold your breath:

A three-judge panel from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals will hear arguments Thursday on whether or not challenged provisions of North Carolina’s new voting law, H.B. 589, should go into effect for the November general election.

Last month, U.S. District Judge Thomas Schroeder denied a request to temporarily suspend parts of the law that cut early voting, eliminate same-day registration, and ban out-of-precinct voting pending the outcome of a full trial scheduled for next July. Voting rights advocates appealed that ruling.

The sad part is, by the time next Summer comes around, the vote suppressors (likely with some assistance from the Puppetshow) will have a bagful of misrepresented statistics to hold up in court to demonstrate that all voting demographics did just fine, that nobody was "shut out" by these tactics. Standard operating procedure for the right.



Just from observing

those around me during early voting, I'd say about one in every 7 or 8 voters had to change their registration while they were there. Had "recently moved" was a very common issue, and sometimes it was only a few miles away. I think a lot of people assume if you're still in the state (or the general area), you don't have to worry about your voter registration.

As I said, this is just what I witnessed, so I'm sure the actual stats are different.