GOP war on women: Cyberstalker Cody Henson gets 3rd continuance


The Republican leadership's lust for power has no shame:

Henson had a first court appearance on the Class 2 misdemeanor charge on March 28, when his hearing was set for May 2. On May 2, Henson received his first continuance to June 26. On June 26, the case was continued a second time to Tuesday, when it was continued a third time to July 23.

Interviewed outside the Transylvania County courthouse Tuesday by Carolina Public Press, the lawmaker’s attorney, J. Michael Edney, attributed the delay to legislative necessity. “They needed him in Raleigh,” said Edney, who is also a county commissioner in Henderson County.

Compare and contrast: One lawmaker who is suffering from cancer sets aside her pain and weakness to do her duty, while another uses duty as an excuse to postpone punishment over his abusive treatment of his former spouse. That's a stark enough comparison on its own, but consider this: The GOP leadership should have already forced Henson's resignation, but instead, they are reinforcing his bad behavior by "needing him" to not only show up, but to do so on days when his victim was counting on justice to give her some peace of mind. Peace of mind that may not be forthcoming:

Asked about other cases involving public officials in which repeated continuances have sometimes been a prelude to the charges being dropped, Edney responded, “This one is going to go away sooner or later.”

The N.C. Attorney General’s Office is handling the prosecution of the charge against Henson because the local district attorney, Greg Newman, had contributed to the legislator’s campaign and recused himself.

CPP asked the Attorney General’s Office about the latest continuance and Edney’s remarks. DOJ spokesperson Laura Brewer responded in an email late Tuesday, saying the department could not comment on the open case.

This would be a huge mistake, and one that would get some serious coverage on this blog. If Henson wants to cop a plea to avoid harsher punishment, go right ahead, as long as his probation is clearly defined to protect his ex-wife. But don't just throw in the towel. That would send some really bad messages, not the least of which is that elected officials are "above the law." But the very worst message would be to the women out there who are dealing with this same harassing behavior.



And another compare & contrast...

And just so you know, Captain Jeff was way too close to the San Andreas fault line during the recent earthquakes, so don't shake his chair while he's sitting in it. Actually, that's a great idea, but maybe Grier should sneak into the Senate and do it...

Check this out:

The NC GOP has no shame, and this dude should be tarred and feathered.