GOP propaganda about tuition cuts for children of veterans way off-base

The blame lies solely on their shoulders:

The DMVA received $9.19 million annually to fund the program, Hall said in a statement Thursday. But last year, he said, the General Assembly allocated an extra $2.4 million to increase the room and board allowance. Hall asked for the same level of funding from legislators for the 2019-20 academic year, according to the statement.

“Despite passing multiple priority funding bills throughout the summer and fall, legislators adjourned without providing additional funds for this program,” he said in the statement. “Recipient institutions were notified of the impact to room and board awards on November 25.”

What was in the Budget hardly matters considering it was Vetoed. But it's that second part that people need to pay attention to. Republicans in the General Assembly passed several "mini-budgets" before throwing in the towel for the year, but the (needed) additional funding for these students didn't make it. You know what did make it? A reduction in the Franchise Tax for businesses (subsequently Vetoed), and an IT funding bill which included $10 million for Montreat College to host a cybersecurity research center it isn't qualified to host:

Montreat College Grant (Fund Code: 1990) –Ten million dollars ($10,000,000) in nonrecurring funds for each fiscal year of the 2019-2021 fiscal biennium for the Department to provide a directed grant to Montreat College for the Cybersecurity Regional Training Center.

This bill was also Vetoed by the Governor, and I don't blame him at all. This Montreat College thing stinks to high heaven, not only as a waste of public resources but also as a very likely result of patronage of some sort, which needs to be investigated. But the bottom line is, Republicans have (once again) used citizens, this time the children of dead war heroes, as pawns in their constant power struggle with the Governor:

In Thursday’s statement, Hall said legislators — including Republican House Speaker Rep. Tim Moore — had promised to provide the extra funding.

“Ultimately, Senate Majority Leader and Appropriations Chairman Harry Brown informed DMVA staff that the funding would only be provided in exchange for legislative Democrats joining Republicans in overriding the budget veto,” he said.