GOP Onslow School Board candidate referenced "ignorant darkies" on Facebook

Jim Crow would be proud:

Eric Whitfield, who was one of four Republican candidates for Onslow County Board of Education to win the party’s nomination in Tuesday’s primary, posted a comment on Facebook that used the term “ignorant darkies” in a reference to black people.

Whitfield’s page has apparently been taken down but a screenshot of the comment has been circulating heavily since Thursday evening. Jacksonville Christian Academy posted on its Facebook page just before midnight Thursday that an employee of the school had been terminated from his job due to a social media statement made.

Okay, aside from the fact this relatively young white dude is trying to resurrect a racial epithet commonly used a hundred years ago, why (in the name of all that's holy) would voters choose a public school board member who works at a private Christian school? Whatever experience he has is somewhere between irrelevant and counterproductive. And before he screwed up and got fired, electing him would have created a massive conflict of interest (destroy public schools, parents choose private schools). Anyway, back to the jaw-dropping racism:

Two sitting school board members, Jeff Hudson and Bill Lanier, have publicly called for Whitfield to withdraw from the race for a seat on the Board of Education. Neither Hudson nor Lanier is currently running for re-election.

“It has come to my attention that Board of Education candidate Eric Whitfield made disparaging remarks on Facebook concerning blacks in Onslow County. I have personally demanded that he withdraw his candidacy as his remarks represent racism and is repugnant to all citizens of Onslow County,” Lanier posted on his Facebook page.

Onslow County Republican Party Chairwoman Lee Barrows said the remarks made by Whitfield are his own and not representative of the party.

“The views and statement (of Eric Whitfield) are not the views of the Onslow County Republican Party,” Barrows said.

Really? You can't bring yourself to openly condemn such racist views? Better to say nothing than less than nothing.



Shades of Huckleberry Finn...

Seriously, I think that's the last time I read the word "darkies" in print. Clemens wrote that in 1884...

The term still popped up in the 1930s ....

... I think there's one of two instances of it in "Gone With the Wind".

But, really, this guy is the perfect candidate if you want to save a few pennies on your local taxes by dismantling the public school system. The casual racism is to attract the "I don't want my tax dollars paying to educate Black kids" crowd.