GOP chair candidate: "Do you know who I am?"

The Rant's report on the 2011 arrest of Lee County School Board member Sherry Lynn Womack largely focuses on the local angle, but there is a detail of statewide interest as well:

According to that arrest report, Womack’s husband Jim — the chairman of Lee County’s Republican Party who served as a county commissioner from 2010 to 2014 and is now seeking the chairmanship of the state GOP — asked the deputy serving the warrant if he was aware of Womack’s status in county government and if there was a way for the charges to be “taken away.”

“Mr. Womack and I stepped outside and he stated ‘do you know who I am?'” the report reads. “I stated no sir. He stated he was Commissioner Womack and a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel. He also stated that his wife is an active Lieutenant Colonel in the Army. Mr. Womack asked if this could somehow be taken away because it was all a big misunderstanding.”

What a guy!



Yeah, he's a real charmer

If I remember correctly, he accused citizens who were against fracking of being as loony as "alien abduction" victims.

He's definitely got a cult of personality thing going on, considers himself something akin to a feudal lord in his home county.

A shout out to the deputy

The deputy showed the integrity Womack lacks. When asked if he knew who he was he responded, "no" and after being told who he was and asked if something could be done Womack got the same answer.

I'm a moderate Democrat.