Goodwin-Wood-Beasley-Atkinson State HQ

Gearing up for the Fall 2008 elections, the State Headquarters for several statewide campaigns has officially opened at Cameron Village in Raleigh.

Sharing office space in Cameron Village at 400 Oberlin Road, Suite 100, are:

Wayne Goodwin, Insurance Commissioner
Beth Wood, State Auditor
Cheri Beasley, Court of Appeals
June Atkinson, Superintendent of Public Instruction

To reach the Goodwin campaign specifically, the State HQ telephone number is 919-755-0562.

Other phone lines are available for each of the remaining campaigns and will be provided subsequent to this post.

Former State Senator Dick Barnes, who led the winning campaigns of outgoing Insurance Commissioner Jim Long and current Supreme Court Chief Justice Sarah Parker, is proudly serving as campaign manager for these races. You may reach Mr. Barnes by email at if you need materials, information, speakers, etc.

Go to to contact Goodwin directly or to learn more about the Insurance Commissioner race.