Goodwin Launches New Year with New Website, New Facebook Page

Now that 2011 began mere minutes ago, please visit my brand new campaign Facebook page (I hope you'll "Like It" and recommend it to your Facebook friends!) and also take a short stroll through my completely revised, new campaign website which is linked on the site and in this very sentence.

Both the website homepage ( and the Facebook wall have a short intro video from me on them.

Happy New Year, friends and visitors ... Onward to 2012!


You should give lessons to

You should give lessons to elected officials and candidates on engagement.

And on what it looks like when a job is well done on behalf of citizens.

Happy new year, Wayne.

I wish Wayne Goodwin was...

...the first person everybody met when they arrived in North Carolina. Everyone would stay on their best behavior and we probably wouldn't even have to offer tax incentives to get big corporations to relocate here.

I nominate him for Mayor of the entire state.

Hey - I wish we could clone Wayne

We could really use a whole lot more good Jim Long Democrats working at all levels of government and the Democratic Party.

Wayne is doing a fantastic job right where he is, and I expect he's found a spot where he feels he can do the most good for the taxpayers and insurance customers of NC. If it was possible to make him "Insurance Commissioner for Life", I would vote for it - and I am sure that he would win that vote hands down! ;-)

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting