Good Ole' Boys network and the NC State Bar Part 2

After my post concerning the Good Ole' Boy network at the NC State Bar I was sent a letter by Attorney Hartsell praising the conduct and the way the State Bar investigates it's members who have had a grievance filed against them. Below is a copy of her letter. I called her number and was able to speak directly with her. She was very nice to speak to and was honest in her feeling about the Good Ole' Boys club in the State of NC. I told her I would send all the information I had concerning my grievance with the Attorney in question and was rather shocked at her answer. What seemed sincere to me in my honest opinion was nothing more than a conveniently righteous view of the State Bar and it's unethical behavior and her defense of it. I was dismissed in a brief statement giving me options as to what I could do. I tried her suggestions the first day and it was a joke. Anyway here is her response and her final letter. Again she was delightful to speak to but we have agreed to disagree which is everyone's right in a democracy. I can still be reached at


I read your post on NC BLUE re: grievance with the State Bar. I have to respectfully disagree with you statements and would ask that you share the information you have that forms the basis of your assertions. I have been practicing law in NC for over 30 years and have not shared your experience. As someone who is well versed in the structure of the "good old boys club" and would agree that the "clubs activities are prevelant" I can assure you that the State Bar takes every complaint seriously. In fact many attorneys are called regarding complaints that are filed, many of which are in fact baseless and just a matter of a lawyer taking a case in an attempt to assist someone when the case is hopeless. Many complaints involve a client not wanting to pay a lawyer when the case fails. When the case fails the attorney is blamed for the failure regardless of the effort expended.

I encourage you to check out the number of complaints with the bar and chat with the folks there before taking steps that create an effect that will harm all of us who do take cases in an effort to assist those who can't afford an attorney or whose case is too difficult for most attorneys to handle.

With best regards,



Thank you for your response to my inquiry. While the State Bar may not be required to send you the response from the attorney, they will provide you with their findings on your complaint.

I appears that you have a very complex matter and need an attorney to assist you. You might call the NC Bar Association for a referral. This is not the State Bar. I'm no longer accepting cases.

I wish you the best in your efforts to obtain an explanation from the bar.

With best regards,



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