Good News When It's Rare - Part 2: Goodwin, BCBSNC Agree on Historic Refunds

Several months ago I penned - typed? - an entry entitled "Good News When It's Rare". In the news these days, particularly with election season bringing out some of the worst in various folks, good news is often overshadowed or crowded out.

Well, in case you missed it somehow, some of the best news in a long time happened last week and it involved historic insurance refunds I announced totalling $155.8 million for 215,000+ policyholders, savings of an additional $14 million on premiums, cutting of filed rates for certain health insurance policies, and a special visit I made to the White House.

And kudos as well to BCBSNC CEO Brad Wilson for his leadership and partnership, as well as to my agency technical experts, in making this success come about.

Read more in detail about it at the links here and here to my "Wayne's World" blog.

And be sure to spread good news - this and all - to everyone you can. We certainly could use it!


Great work!

This is something we've been urging for years. It's good to see that Commissioner Goodwin and Brad Wilson got it done.