God I wish they'd stop

Wingnuts are wringing their hands lately because Democrats are "angry" -- as though being angry is worse than, say, total incompetence and lying.

The truth is, I am angry. And I would love to have an honest discussion about reality on many important fronts. But that's really hard to do when Pope Puppets get on their high horses with inane rhetorical questions like this gem from George Leef, standing in today for the always-amusing John Hood.

We’re pouring enormous resources into education. More citizens than ever go to college, but literacy is in decline. Will any education leaders acknowledge that there’s something wrong with this picture?

Does this clown actually believe that education leaders don't acknowledge there's something wrong with this picture? Does he actually think responsible leaders truly believe everything is just hunky-dory? Doesn't he know that dedicated teachers and administrators all across North Carolina are sick to death by the way they're hamstrung and forced to teach to the test to fulfull Dear Leader's disastrous NCLB mandates? Doesn't he understand that the radical right has launched a full assault on science?

Nobody knows better than people in public education that public education needs to be improved. But cheap shots from wingnuts eager to privatize everything in sight is not the way to inspire change.

Wingers like Leed and Pope hate government and public service. They're dedicated to two things and two things only: money and power. And they wonder why we don't want them involved in caring for and teaching our children.


Hey Art Pope.

If you're really interested in public education, why don't you divert some of your pocket change into funding some demonstration projects to illustrate the effectiveness of whatever you think might be a better way?

Oh. I forgot. You're pouring $100,000 a month to fund your personal puppet show, hell bent on eroding what little common ground remains in our sorry country.

Thanks for nothing.

Ah, the straw man

It is easier to make up an argument than face an actual one. Muc hlike Bush's "some people say we should leave Iraqies to die."

Hey Art and John! Wake county demo Val day Show

You boys should have been there tonight. The demos show their
elected officials and Candiates on stage tonight to a very large crowd
who were really fired up... The biggest cheer tonight was when
Chief Justice Parker and Justice Goodwin were shown...with the Chairman
saying 2 more Demo women were going to join you soon.... Don't get depress boys, just go back to the drawing board at the foundation and work
on transgender changes in the 21 st century.