Goals of rightwing Republicans and corporations - the wealthy

This is one of the best expressions of what is behind the Republican and corporate movements to reduce us to penury and serfdom:

The Republican Party’s real game is to try to lock that income and wealth advantage into place. They fear, rightly, that sooner or later everyone else will begin demanding that the budget deficit be closed in part by raising taxes on the rich. After all, the rich are living better than ever, while the rest of American society is suffering. It makes sense to tax them more.

The Republicans are out to prevent that by any means. This month, they succeeded, at least for now. But they want to follow up their tactical victory – which postpones the restoration of pre-Bush tax rates for a couple of years – with a longer-term victory next spring. Their leaders in Congress are already declaring that they will slash public spending in order to begin reducing the deficit.

This is from an article by Jeffrey Sachs, "America’s Political Class Struggle" at http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/sachs173/English