Go Canes!

Nothing transcends politics like game 7's. And this one has the added benefit of keeping me from thinking about anything else today. Since the image of a poster that I tried to insert here is not working, I will leave you with a link to the Raleighing post on the game.

P.S. the Canes' victory tonight would be the first (major league) professional championship in state history.


What about the Heels?

Were they playing today? I mean...you know the College World Series is pretty important too, don't you? Well, DON'T YOU?

We'll be glued to the tube tonight and we aren't even hockey fans. Fun stuff.

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Heels play Wednesday

UNC is in a great position - they are one win away from the CWS finals. The Heels get the winner of Tuesday's Clemson/Fullerton game and will have 2 chances to win one last game and move on to the finals.

Oh - Congrats to the Canes for winning the Stanley Cup!

Thanks for the update

Go Heels!

Congrats Hurricanes. I watched every minute of the game...even if I couldn't find the puck half of the time.

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Heels win again

Heels beat Fullerton again tonight to win their bracket and advance to the finals. Will play a 3 game series Sat-Sun-Mon vs Rice or Oregon St for the National Championship.

I hate hockey, but...

I've watched nearly every game of these finals. North Carolina is now a force to be reckoned with when it comes to professional sports.

Now all we need is an MLB team!

They are talking up the Panthers again

but I don't have high hopes for the Bobcats....even if Jordan will be an owner.

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The Panthers

Jake Delhomme, Steve Smith, DeShaun Foster, Keyshawn Johnson, Kris Jenkins, Julius Peppers...

Another nice playoff shot, aside from the few defensive losses.