Glenn Beck to lose Charlotte outlet

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Glenn Beck is about to lose one of his biggest markets--specifically, Charlotte.

The Charlotte Observer's Mark Washburn reports that Beck's outlet here in Charlotte, WBCN-AM, will drop its conservative talk format in favor of CBS Sports Radio, a new joint venture between CBS Radio and Cumulus Media. WBCN will carry the format 24/7. Recently, the other big talker down here, WBT, has begun downplaying politically-oriented talk, so it's not likely Beck will have a place to go here in the Queen City. Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Dennis Miller will also be looking for a new home as well.

This is a significant development, folks. Charlotte has recently ascended to major-market status--it's now the 24th-largest radio market in the country. Call me starry-eyed, but I'm thinking this could be the beginning of the end for Beck. After all, given the beating Beck has taken over the last few years, for him to be evicted from one of his major markets can only be described as an ominous sign.


Like Rush, Brain-dead Beck is already a multi-millionaire

and I'm sure he'll find an outlet for his insanity. Another piece of news is that Neal Boortz has announced he's leaving talk radio. January I think. Unfortunately there's a garbage can full of wannabes available to take up the crusade against humanity.

Stan Bozarth

Good. Beck needs to go the way of the Dodo which

wouldn't be so different from the doo doo he spouts. (yes, it's childish, but it was fun. so there. pphhtttt!!!)

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Could this be happening in

Could this be happening in Charlotte specifically because the DNC Convention is coming to town? Is that silly for me to think that?

So? Who even listens to AM

So? Who even listens to AM radio? I live in the Charlotte area and listen to Beck on XM. Duh....