'Get 'em out!'

Trump's promise to 'remove' the undocumented within 1 hour of being sworn into office would probably require the activation of every police officer, national Guard unit, and all the military. Every plane & bus would have to be commandeered to provide transportation, gas for these vehicles arranged, food, housing and medical attention for both troops and prisoners provided for whatever period of time was actually required to move people around.

This would affect North Carolina's military bases, take our police away from dealing with issues requiring their immediate attention and take national guardsmen away from their regular line of employment. All 50 states would be involved, at all levels of government.

When was the last time our country saw such a mass mobilization? Even national disasters such as Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina affected a portion but not the entirety of the country. The response to the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor activated our military, activated a draft taking men away from civilian jobs and into the service, changed the product of many of our factories (from, say, cars to tanks & planes), drew women out of the home and into the workforce, amongst other things. It took time to do this.

Think about it.



Most or all

No other way to explain it. Right McCrory?