Gerrymandering article by Christensen

Christensen: Gerrymandered districts denied NC voters a real choice, Rob Christensen, N&O. Great article. Democrats are frozen out until 2022 when the 2020 census comes about, and redistricting happens again. Until then, about all that can be done on the left is to drive the independent redistricting commission we should have created in the 1990s, and which out so called leaders avoided and scorned. Bitter fruit.



This is THE issue at the top of my list

Right now, it is okay to draw electoral maps to gain political advantage, as long as one doesn't cross the line that discriminates based on race. That is constitutionally untenable. How can discrimination on the basis of any attribute be morally defensible?

Interesting link to scotus and gerrymandering

Nice of ole Rob to bring this up. The ProPublica article can be found here. It features the comments of Justice Stephens who was seems to be one of the few justices who see gerrymandering as blatantly unconstitutional.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?