A generous interpretation

The most generous interpretation of Larry Kissell's vote on the Affordable Care Act is his "I am a representative" defense. Having had his district gerrymandered to become even more white and Republican, he seems to be saying that his vote reflects the wishes of the majority of uninformed bigots he will have to represent if he's re-elected. The same applies to his unwillingness to say that Barack Obama is a better president than Mitt Romney would be.

The more ominous interpretation, that Kissell's moral compass points in the direction of more uninsured poor people and more corporate greed, is hard to stomach, but may nonetheless be true.

In either case, it's a sad state of affairs. Going along with selfishness and bigotry in service of racist constituents is unconscionable. Actually embracing that philosophy is nothing less than evil.

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The only difference between Kissell and his predecessor Robin

Hayes is how much money Hayes has. Strangely, Kissell's finances have improved significantly since joining Congress. He's gone from being in deep yogurt to being a member of the investor class. Open Secrets financial reports tell an interesting story.

Anyway...he's now a far cry from the person he purported to be and I can only hope he gets unseated so we won't be on the hook for a congressional pension to him ... among other reasons.

Stan Bozarth

Kissel punked Democrats.

Kissel punked Democrats. Both Progressives nationally and Democrats in NC. If he had a moral compas it has obviously been flushed much like his soon to end Congressional career.

Sure punked me

I burned a lot of personal political capital raising money for Kissell. A lot. What was most surprising to me was how little regard he had for so many people who worked their asses off to help him. That, more than anything, is why he's toxic to me today.

hosted a fundraiser for him

I helped host a fundraiser for him back when he ran the first time and now feel very stupid for doing it. I feel he has turned his back on many of the people who supported him that first time.


Ditto, ditto, ditto