The General Assembly's latest Jordan Lake boondoggle: Algaecide

Because what could possibly go wrong dumping dangerous chemicals into the drinking water?

A year after state environmental regulators called the SolarBees experiment a failure, state lawmakers are trying another unproven method to control pollution in Jordan Lake.

The $22.9 billion budget that the House approved early Friday includes a $1.3 million provision requiring the Department of Environmental Quality to use chemicals that either kill algae or bind with phosphorus, which algae feeds on. The technique is usually used in ponds and small lakes, not in a body of water as large as Jordan Lake.

This marks the ninth year since the Jordan Lake Rules were developed by state water quality specialists and approved by the EPA, and it also marks nine years of whining, plotting, and the embracing of pseudo-science in order to avoid implementation of those rules. And of course, since Crisis = Opportunity, revolving-door Republicans are also lining their pockets over this institutional aversion to responsible governing:

"We’ve found a company here in North Carolina called SePRO that actually has done this in a few smaller lakes and is interested in doing a trial on it," Rep. Larry Yarborough, R-Person, said during a Thursday night budget debate while defending the provision.

SePRO, which has a research and development unit in the Nash County town of Whitakers, has a very powerful lobbyist in Harold Brubaker, a former Republican House speaker.

In a Dec. 6 email, John Evans, who at the time was chief deputy secretary of DEQ, told colleagues that Brubaker said lawmakers "would take funds" from the agency if it didn't sign a contract with SePRO.

"We've found a company"??? You mean, Harold Brubaker shoved that company down your throat, and probably sweetened the deal with promises of some campaign cash. These people have no shame, and Brubaker & Associates don't beat around the bush with their promotional messages:

Do you know the chair of the committee that will hear legislation directly impacting your organization and your mission? Do you have the time to build a working relationship with them before your legislation is before the committee? We have relationships with a broad range of public and elected officials. We know the people, the politics, the procedures and the landmines to avoid. Utilizing our strategic approach and vast experience, we assist clients of any size in achieving their legislative goals.

I'll be with you shortly, I need to take another shower...