Gee. This sounds like a Big Lie.

Really. I don't have many words that I can use that aren't either four-letter bombs or of the hysterical laughing unintelligible sort when it comes to describing this POS in the Gaston Gazette. In fact, I'm having a real hard time typing this without laughing out loud on my keyboard right now.

The insipid BS in this article regarding how Governor Bev Purdue is selling out the TAX PAYERS of North Carolina in order to balance our State budget by giving in to the evil-nasty-health-care-for-all schemes of our Socialist Overlord, Premier Obama (what a friggin' nightmare! Healthcare for all!!!!!1) is truly one of the most scaremongering and ridiculous articles on this subject that I've seen! That is saying something, as I'm sure you all know!

Yes, I know the Public Option is gaining strength in Congress and the fools-on-the-hill are pulling out all the stops, but playing North Carolinians' as if our understanding of the issue was more Beverly Hillybilly caricature than real living, breathing and in need of healtcare humans is just pitiful.

Let me tell you story 'bout a Gov. named Bev. A nice, friendly Gov., don't wanna see the people dead....

First a Big Give, then a Big Take

When it comes to the political relationship between Washington and Raleigh, the old saying applies: he who gives can also take away.

President Barack Obama’s Big Give to Gov. Beverly Perdue and other North Carolina politicians was a massive federal bailout. Faced with a big state budget deficit, Perdue and lawmakers were forbidden by the state constitution to issue public debt to paper it over. Their only legal options were to reduce spending or raise taxes. The Obama administration gave them a third option — let Washington issue the debt. Over the next two years, some $3 billion of North Carolina’s budget will be financed through this extra-constitutional borrowing.

Now it’s time for the Big Take: Obamacare.

No matter what the final version of federal health care legislation looks like, it will rely heavily on a huge expansion of the Medicaid program. If passed, it could bring hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians onto the Medicaid rolls for the first time — costing North Carolina taxpayers billions of dollars, some of it at first via state taxes and the rest of it later via federal taxes to pay off federal debt.

The only question right now is just how huge the Medicaid expansion will be. House committees have endorsed legislation raising eligibility to 133 percent of the federal poverty line for a large swath of the population. Some House and Senate leaders want to raise that figure to 150 percent.

According to the Heritage Foundation’s analysis of the lower figure, North Carolina’s Medicaid caseload would shoot up 44 percent under Obamacare — faster than the national average of 37 percent. That would wreak havoc on the state budget.

Not a defending link or substantive piece of information as to how the fiscal numbers and/or opinions were arrived at. Just straight up fear mongering using their favorite talking point (TAXES GO UP) and unintelligible double-talk regarding poverty lines, whatever they might be.

We are winning, my friends. Keep writing, calling, sending e-mail and showing up in person at your Congressional Rep's offices daily. They are scared that their money train from Big Pharma/Health Insurance is going to dry up sooner than later.

Let's get this done! For all Americans...even those that are too ignorant or too greedy to understand.


If not now.....

The finish line is in sight. Let's leave it all on the track and win this one for ALL of us.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

I was under that impression

Nothing new under the sun. Republicans lie, facts die.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

Try this: God loves us all. You will go to Heaven when you die.

If your church tells you to believe anything that does not have to do with God, and does have to do with politics, then they are using you for a purpose other than the worship of God. And for those of other religions or none I am not making any statement about you and God as I would never speak for God.

I hope you will not give your ability to think for yourself away to any man or woman who would use God for manipulation.

As to the healthcare legislation... if you lose your job or if they quit carrying insurance and you cannot find another job that carries insurance what will you do?

Politics is like driving, use D to go forward and R to go backward.