Gaining Traction on Making North Carolina more Progressive

As most of you already know, I have been in Reno, Nevada for the last few weeks helping Barack Obama win the White House. I am officially a part of the big Purple Army known as the Service Employees International Union. But I wanted to give all of you an update on another project I am working on-- Traction Action.

Shortly before I left Raleigh, I was asked to join the board of a new political group in North Carolina. Known as Traction Action, it's the 501 (c)4 offshoot of Traction, which was started a few years ago in the Triangle. The purpose of Traction Action is simple: To promote political activism amongst the youth of North Carolina, and to create positive, progressive change in our state. But this isn't some normal every day "let's get 18-24 yr olds to vote so we can win" effort run by an out of touch babyboomer campaign consultants from DC.

This is an effort to make political organizing fun and build activism for the long term. Traction Action will be making a few trips around the state this election cycle to help progressive candidates that we believe in and reach local youth through peer to peer outreach. We'll collaborate with local groups of motivated young activists to do election work while still having fun. For instance we might pair knocking on doors on a Saturday with white water rafting on a Sunday. Or maybe a trip to the beach. Or maybe one of the many festivals that cover the state during the fall. Or maybe we will spend a day visiting local stores and places that progressive minded youth hang out, helping them to get engaged.

This also is not just some group that is funded through November, and then closes shop after the election. This is a grassroots group aiming to make a long term impact on our state. Traction's 501 (c)3 arm has already been up and running since 2005, with fun events such as Sushi-Making work shops where they also talk about water quality and how each of us can help (compact fluorescents). Traction Action will be here after November, pushing for a more progressive General Assembly, more activism by young people and making sure that political action is as fun and inspiring as it should be.

Stay tuned for more info on Traction Action, and for now you can check out the Traction [501 (c)3] website at


Heads up

Traction's 501C3 has a new plan to get young people involved separate from this new 501c4 offshoot. This plan is supposed to be released tomorrow, so check out the website for more details.

I have to say that I am excited to be a part of this group, and I am looking forward to making sure that after November (when Obama has either won or lost) we continue engaging young people. The old adage is that when women vote Democrats win. Well, when Young people get involved, progressives win.

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"

what is going on bro'

still holding down here in Denver -
(south east indiana university)

wade norris

"What's the use of a fine house if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on?"

Henry David Thoreau

I will tell you what is going on

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"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"

I <3 Traction

In fact, I'm on the c3 board. I'll try to post info on the c3 plan after we release it tomorrow!

Here's a tip: How Low Can You Go?

Want to learn in person? Come to our Happy Hour on Friday.

Get some Traction on Friday at our Happy Hour

All BlueNCers are welcome at Traction's Happy Hour on Friday!

Enjoy some downtime with Tractivists and progressives of all ages, plus check out Traction's brand new int'l HQ! We'll hear from a few Tractivists who've been fighting for justice at the General Assembly, plus State Rep. Pricey Harrison (Greensboro)!

Most exciting of all, yes, you'll be there as we reveal Traction's secret plan to change North Carolina's political landscape this fall...

As if that weren't enough, we'll also have chicken wings (left wings, of course) donated by the Down Under Pub, rare exotic Locopops donated by -- who else? -- Locopops, fine wine from Bordeaux Fine and Rare, and much, much more...

Get the specifics on our website, and don't miss the Indy's write-up in their Eight Days a Week section.

Hope to see you there!

Feel like you're spinning your wheels?
Get some Traction... turning energy into progressive movement

Feel like you're spinning your wheels?
Get some Traction... turning energy into progressive movement

This is awesome, WIll/Graig/Lanya

During every county meeting or discussion on voter reg/turnout, I bare the brunt of 34512351235 evil stares of old people when the 18-24 numbers are dwelled upon. I'm sick of it.

This is the solution.

Now, if only I lived anywhere near Durham...

Don't worry

I said statewide for a reason. I will make sure we get you some help. Maybe not in the next few months, but eventually.

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"

John Podesta on NPR

All Things Considered had a small bit on former Clinton chief of staff's new book, entitled The Power of Progress: How America's Progressives Can (Once Again) Save Our Economy, Our Climate and Our Country.

Extremely interesting audio clip and write up at the NPR link above. Below is a small excerpt of the book.

This nation has been led off course by leaders who have proven unable to understand or implement the most basic conception of this American experience. Conservatism cannot lead the way because it has already failed. And the challenges that our nation faces are simply too dramatic to allow for failure again.

Our nation's best way forward — in fact, our only way forward — is to recapture and reassert progressive values. I didn't learn progressivism from books, although I've enjoyed many great historical accounts over the years. My commitment to renewing America's progressive movement comes from my background — what I learned from my family, my schools, my church, and my career.

Maybe that's why my political principles are pretty simple. Accept change and make it work for the common good. Make sure people have a chance to contribute and be rewarded for their work — give them a ladder up and they'll prosper. Teach people tolerance and the power of progress compassion, and they will give back more than they receive. That's what progress means, and that's why America has always been at its greatest when our government has run on progressive ideas.

I just want to second

or third Lanya's invite to tonight's event, and also throw another thank-you out there to Will for posting & to whomever front-paged it.

I like to think that Traction is right up there with BlueNC as one of the things making sure that North Carolina's progressive movement grows and sustains over the long term-- and doing so in ways that are innovative & accessible.

So to all you bloggers, commenters, & lurkers--
Come on out tonight & see what Traction is all about.