"Fuzzy Numbers" in John Locke Foundation Hit Piece on Public Transit

A column in the CharlObs contains pieces of the Charlotte Area Transit System's response to a JLF attack on the system. The columnist: "That brings me to the core fact about transit: No matter whose numbers you believe, every single trip is subsidized by taxpayers. It doesn't pay for itself. But then again, neither do roads." Don't worry, fair columnist, I'm sure the JLF will be trying to convince us that roads should be privately owned next week.


Typical JLF Bullshit

First they genuflect to the free-market gods.
Then they find a wacko professor who has also drunk the kool-aid.
Then they commission (or rip off) a "report."
The "report" selects data that support their going-in position.
The "report" also ignores data that may be in conflict with that position.

They then recycle the "report" ad nauseum in typical wingnut fashion, hoping that by repeating their delusions often enough they will wear people down and gain converts.

Rince and repeat.