Fuzzy Math and False Logic in the News-Record on the Landfill Proposals

When I first posted about the possible bills to tackle the growing waste management problems in North Carolina, their was little reaction from our major newspapers about the proposals. Now the Greensboro News-Record has come out against the proposed bills, which would put a moratorium on new landfills until the state can determine whether we really want to import trash from the entire eastern seaboard and to increase the fee the state charges for dumping a ton of trash to $2 (around the fee other states charge from insanely low $0 fee now).

The Greensboro News-Record uses false logic and fuzzy math to oppose both of these propsals. The paper's main argument is that the proposals would cost cities and landfill owners more to dispose of trash and the paper claims worst of all taxpayers will have to pay more. But the whole point of the bills is to increase the cost of dumping so that we can have more incentive to control our waste and there is a disincentive to bring outside waste in.

Also, the tipping fee is not a true cost on the taxpayers. Whatever money is spent by a city or county for dumping trash is paid to the state. Thus rather than taking from taxpayers, it is a wealth transfer from local to state governments. One could argue the wisdom of this, but it is not the direct cost to taxpayers that the paper says it is, this is even more true when it is considered that the state sends large sums of money back to the counties through various programs. Thus, the tipping fee is the best of both worlds: no true cost to taxpayers and would give a disincentive to dumping trash in this state.

We need to address the importation of trash to our state. These bills serve as a good start and should be passed. More needs to be done for sure, but we should not let the false logic in the News-Record to derail these preliminary efforts.


Makes you wonder

if they actually read the proposals.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Do they even know how mega-mega is?

Covered some of this in a recent column. Can't believe anyone would take a look at these proposals and not be inclined to say 'whoa.'
Not all of these are eastern either. There's a couple of sizeable proposals around Charlotte.
Most state have tipping fees including the nation's top dumping ground Pennsylvania, which is getting out of the biz because its waterways are so fouled up.