Fun in the trenches ...

With three weeks to go ... with the second presidential debate tonight ... with a close race that can be won ...

I've been spending many hours in a couple of neighborhoods off Buffaloe Road near the 540, canvassing the peeps. I think I've spent 18 or so hours walking around, ringing doorbells, and pestering people to get their butts off the couch and go vote early.

  • I tell them how close the race is, how we can still win if we get our vote out and Rmoney doesn't get his out.
  • I tell them how we won a razor-thin victory in '08, just 14,000 votes.
  • I tell them they're now part of my personal Obama Army, and to go find other people and tell them to vote.
  • I tell them where and when One Stop Early Voting is, and answer any questions they have.

Then I fill out a form for every voter, so OFA HQ can keep up. Three hours at a time, I walk these neighborhoods till my feet hurt and my back hurts and my legs hurt, and I can barely climb back in my car to go turn in my forms. I can't even describe how much fun I'm having.

I meet wonderful people. I talk to kids and pat dogs and cats. I've spent so much time walking that area, drivers wave when they see me now. I'll be 60 in two months, and I'm having the time of my life. My field organizer is a 23 year old girl, and she's AWESOME. Working for OFA, I've seen dedicated, competent, amazing people.

If we win, I'm going to feel entitled to celebrate, after the work I've done for the campaign. If we lose, I want to be able to look myself in the mirror and say, "You tried, dude. You damn sure tried."

I'm really glad that y'all spend so much time on state polly ticks. That's super important, too. I'd lose track of what's happening here, if it wasn't for BlueNC. But I have to spend my time working for my President. I don't want to have to wake up on Nov. 7 and have the wrong president elected; that would be a disaster for my country and my children and their futures.

It's been a tough couple weeks since the first debate. We were winning in North Carolina. Now the polls say we're slightly behind. Months of good news for President Obama came to a screeching halt, and the news has been about Romney's comeback. But I still believe we can win this thing. I'm hoping for good things tonight. One thing about President Obama: When he makes a misstep, he realizes it and tries to correct it.

If y'all have any free time, please come help us. If we beat Rmoney here, we've beaten him.

Some of y'all know, I'm the Anti-Birther. I run the biggest Anti-Birther site on the planet, and we have occasional meetups of our peeps ... Phoenix, D.C., Malibu, New Orleans ... and two weeks ago it was Myrtle Beach, with 18 of us coming in from all over this great land of ours. 'Course, we had t-shirts printed up, and gift bags and coffee cups and such. One lady from Hawaii was in L.A. the week before the meetup, and she brought presents which she gave to the lady who came to the meetup. Here's what I got from Hawai'i:

Try to find one of those with Rmoney holding the surfboard, dudes. It can't be done.


A good and inspiring post

Thanks for sharing this ... and for the pep talk. I needed that.