I am going to post the funnies in the morning and then will have to get ready for the convention.

I am going to attend the Mecklenburg County Democratic Convention. It will be my second in 20 years. I attended frequently in my teens and early 20s.

Mel Watt is speaking and I promise to take notes and pictures. While I'm not fond of most of our board critters, I do think this will be fun.

If anyone can think of any questions I need to ask please leave them in the comments.

Sweet dreams everyone.


Have Fun!

I will be helping to clean the Neuse river north of Raleigh, which much like the General Assembly collects trash and deposits it in Raleigh. Wake's convention is next week. I figured I would go to see what was going on with the Dem's.

As for questions, I can only come up with the generic:
What do you plan to accomplish in your next term?
What do you think of our chances in the 8th and 11th?
Will you consider leaving the house?
What will it take for you to support impeachment?
How often do you read BlueNC?

I like the last question!

Lance and I are already discussing press passes/badges. I am taking copies of our original interviews and the press release from NCDP that mentions us. I think they are impressive and might convince some candidates to share with us.

Next year I'll take out a bidness card size ad in the program. (It depends on the cost, but I might just do it!)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Oh...and meant to add

I used to go to camp at Seafarer on the Neuse River. (I's waaaay east) Be careful. It's snake season.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.